Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Secure Oil

After protests in Tunisia spread to Egypt, fears are starting to grow that such revolutions could spread to other middle eastern countries with authoritarian regimes. In 2009 we saw millions of people protesting bogus election results in Iran, which could have been the spark that started the current fire. If civil unrest spreads to Saudi Arabia, we could see a substantial reduction in daily global oil production. If that were to happen, how high would barrel price have to rise before the Americans start singing praise of the Alberta oil sands.

Ezra Levant recently wrote a book called Ethical Oil, in which he presented the idea that some foreign oil funds brutal regimes, and that buying Canadian oil is more ethical. He should have called the book "Secure Oil", because in the not so distant future security of the oil production may become a bigger issue than whether or not it is ethical.


  1. Yeah, and our ethical, secure oil doesn't stop the Liberals, NDP, and every tree-hugger environmental group in the country from trying to block a pipeline to the B.C. coast where it can be sold to customers other than the U.S.
    It's bad enough that the U.S. and the environmentalists have imposed their own NEP on Alberta (Brent oil sells at an $11.00 premium over West Texas but we can't take advantage of it because we only have one market.)but now they want to shut down oilsands production. Just think, then we in the west could pay the higher price for gasoline like the easterners who only use offshore oil, at the higher price, in their refineries.

  2. Pipelines are a heck of a lot safer than any off shore rig. If a pipeline is breached they can shut it down in no time.

  3. Hunter, don't confuse Liberals or NDP'ers with facts.