Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top Political Stories Of 2010

Today's poll question; what was the top Canadian political story of 2010? I am going to do 3 polls to select the top story of 2010. The first poll will be for the first half of the year, the second poll for the second half, and then a playoff poll with the top 3 vote getters from the round robin. I scrolled through my archives to help me compile the nomination list.

1) Prorogation immaculate protest: We delayed the resumption of Parliament to host the world at a major international event at the Vancouver Olympics, and the left wing kooks went nuts. The CBC helped raise awareness for this supposedly "grassroots" protest by advertising repeatedly in the days leading up. Even Sideshow Bob Rae, the Prince of Prorogation who prorogued virtually every year he was Premier of Ontario, took to the streets in protest. That's like PeeWee Herman protesting masturbation.

2) Iggy's campus tour, thinker's conference, summer tour, open mike have no effect: Twas the year of Ignatieff's cross country tours, none of which had any substantial effect in the polls (other than a temporary bounce). I liked when Iggy hosted a thinker's conference to form new policy ideas, and he didn't even invite his own caucus!

3) Canada owns the podium in Vancouver. Thankfully Parliament was not in session to distract us from what was really important, winning the Olympics on Canadian soil. The Tory "Own The Podium" legislation is a huge success.

4) Canada's rapid response to the disaster in Haiti. Our disaster response team was the first on the ground.

5) Helena Guergis removed from caucus. Blame her husband.

6) Liberals defeat their own foreign abortion funding motion. This was Susan Delacourt's story of the year.

7) Kory Teneycke starts Sun TV News. Kory resigned before a license was granted, but it was he who gave birth to the much anticipated right wing news channel.

8) Left wing kooks trash/torch Toronto at G20. Ironically, Iggy decided to go on vacation while the city who elected him to office hosted the world. When the kooks were torching police cars, the Liberals said "we don't comment on events as they happen". I suppose the media did enough talking for everyone.


  1. Ignatieff can't go on a lenghtly vacation because he has to go to work for the people- Remember in January how he and the liberals demanded the doors be open.

  2. Definitely the rapid response to Haiti,it was so fast the Liberals didn't have time to make an issue out of it!