Saturday, January 30, 2010

How much did the CBC spend covering protest-gate?

As a public institution, are private citizens allowed to audit how much the CBC is spending on various projects? Because I would sure like to know. I'd love to know how much money Soloman and O'Malley are spending, where they are spending it, what is getting expensed, and I WANT RECEIPTS! I have an honours degree in Mathematical Economics and I enjoy doing a little forensic accounting as a hobby in my spare time. Could somebody please direct me to where I can find this information?

While the left is spending its time setting up and operating websites for bureaucrats to complain about government anonymously, where is the website showing me every last penny that Kady O'Malley spent in her career at the CBC? Moreover, how much did they spend covering the self promoted prorogation protests? They had teams on location at virtually every protest big and small. They were promoting them in advance, telling people on television that if they go to this location they will be on TV. What was the final price tag of covering this manufactured event?

I sure asked a lot of questions in this post, but that's because I'd like to know the answers to them. The CBC is very concerned about the size of the deficit. I’d like to help you find some ways to trim the fat.

I'd also like to know how much revenue the Soloman Show generates, and how much money the franchise burns through and what they spend it on. Inquiring minds would like a little more transparency.

And don't get me started on the documentary infomercials they are starting to run about the Yes Men as a lead in to the Olympics where they are clearly planning a stunt...

I'll save that for another post.


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Solo is an immortal bestowed on us from Mount Olympus (18%)
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  1. I had a few good laughs browsing my cbc label for some links above.

  2. It is my understanding the CBC are being sued for not providing documents regarding Freedom of Information Requests. I will try to find the lawsuit.

  3. The amount of money the CBC spent on the anti-prorogation rallies is directly corespondent to the number of people they paid to swell the ranks of the protesters and the number of staffers required to round up these people.

    P.S. Keep it up on Soloman and O'Malley. Their anti-Conservative bias is so evident as to be sickening. I still haven't decided which one is the more stupid. Perhaps they're twins and only share a part of a brain between them.

  4. When I think of the CBC, I am reminded that Saul
    Alinsky did not say, "the end justifies the means". At a dinner I had with him back in 1971
    he reminded me that , "the end ALWAYS justifies the means". There is a difference!
    That is standard operating procure and the ethical norm at the CBC.

  5. I found Corp Reports and Submissions

    ◦Regulatory Submissions - CRTC
    ◦Parliamentary Submissions and Appearances
    ◦Auditor General's Report
    ◦Annual Public Meeting
    ◦Annual Reports
    ◦Corporate Plan
    ◦Corporate Bylaws

  6. OMG, hahahahhaha
    check this out:

  7. Wilson.. thanks for that link. I found the following regarding the "code" of conduct and "journalistic ethics" (bet you thought CBC didn't have any of those, huh)

    "Journali stic Standard s and Practice s
    CBC | Radio‑Canada has an extensive code of Journalistic Standards and Practices and solid editorial control mechanisms to guide its employees and to ensure that those working on its programming remain balanced and accurate in their on-air perspectives and reporting. Complaints from the public that are not resolved at the program level to the satisfaction of the complainants are examined and dealt with by the Corporation’s
    two independent Ombudsmen. The Ombudsmen are completely independent of CBC | Radio‑Canada
    programming staff and programming management and report directly to the President of the Corporation and, through the President, to the Corporation’s Board of Directors. The role of the Ombudsman is pivotal in strengthening the national public broadcaster’s accountability and transparency to Canadians. The
    Ombudsmen can be reached at:
    The Ombudsman, English Services, CBC | Radio‑Canada, PO Box 500, Station A, Toronto ON M5W 1E6 (; and,
    Bureau de l’ombudsman, Services français, CBC | Radio‑Canada, CP 6000, Montréal QC H3C 3A8

    Code s of Conduct
    CBC | Radio‑Canada employees at all levels and across the Corporation are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct and policies governing their behaviour in such areas as: conflict of interest and ethics; disclosure of wrongdoing; official languages; harassment; and political activity. The Corporation’s Human Resources policies are available for viewing online at:
    Acce ss to InformationCBC | Radio‑Canada became subject to the Access to Information Act on September 1, . Section 68.1 of the legislation contains specific safeguards to protect the journalistic, creative and programming independence that is fundamental to a successful national public broadcaster. Similar protection hs been afforded to other public broadcasters, such as the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Australian
    Broadcasting Corporation, under comparable legislation in those jurisdictions.
    Since September 1, 2007 CBC | Radio‑Canada has received in excess of 750 requests for records relating to a wide range of subjects. This is well beyond the volume of requests anticipated, based upon benchmarking of other comparable organisations. Responding to this volume of requests has posed a significant challenge
    for the Corporation. To address the situation, a number of steps have been taken to position the Corporation to meet its obligations under the legislation, efficiently and effectively.
    public accountability

  8. Keep it up Iceman..this is really important as cbc is getting way out of hand.
    While you're at this,maybe you could dive into the sinkhole of money that cbc gave Cashore for YEARS to chase Schreiber and Mulroney..trips all over the world,and for what? Can you only imagine what the tally for that little debacle cost the taxpayer.Why has no one asked for the money trail for that? Please Mr.Iceman..keep digging.We need you.

  9. Thank you for the contributions. I would love to do an audit of the expense account of Harvey Cashore. Where can I find that information? Kady O'Malley is so obsessed with transparency, so she shouldn't have any problem with a CBC audit.

  10. Thank you Wilson. That links led me to:

    Auditor General's Report

    The Broadcasting Act requires the Corporation to have a special examination of its financial and management control and information systems, and of its management practices carried out at least once every five years.

    ◦Special Examination Report - 2005
    ◦Special Examination Report - 2000

  11. I at least now have downloaded a copy of the 2005 audit (all 49 pages of it). I would love to be on the team doing the 2010 audit.

    I have something to work with now.

  12. The government funds CBC main station. The government doesn't fund CBC Newsworld.

  13. Considering that channel 3 and 26 frequently run the same material, where does one begin and the other end? Are you suggesting that Newsworld is a self sustaining enterprise? Who funds the website? The website draws virtually no distinction between the two channels.

  14. The 2005 report states CBC (the entire corporation) operating expenditures at $1.5 billion, of which $939 million were financed by parliamentary appropriations. The CBC generated total revenues of approximately $547 million.

  15. I am sure there is a reason the CBC is fighting the publication of its expenditures.You would do all canadians a huge favour by holding cbc accountable. The silence is deafening from our Lazy National Press Gallery!!!!

  16. Also is there any way we can check Kady's Blogs until this point. It sure seems that they have all been to attack the conservatives. I would be very surprised is any have supported the conservative government.Is Kady O'Malley meeting the journalistic standard in her first year of employment at CBC? Will she be held accountable ? If not, then why not?