Monday, December 6, 2010

BC NDP Civil War

While the federal NDPs are looking at BC as a place where they hope to gain seats in the next election, they can't be enjoying the civil war erupting within the ranks of their provincial brethren. Carole James has been unquestionably an awful leader. She was unable to beat Gordon Campbell a year ago despite the carbon tax and growing discontent (that led to the Premier resigning a little over a year after winning his 3rd mandate). To add insult to injury, the MLA leading the revolt is the same MLA who nominated James to become the leader!

She has been soundly defeated by an unpopular opponent in two straight elections, and next time they won't have Gordo to attack. The BC Liberals will be be choosing a new leader who will undoubtedly re-brand the party for the next election. Unless the NDP does the same, they are screwed. They are still haunted by the ghosts of Glen Clark and Ujjal Dosangh, and Carole James sure as Hell ain't the antidote.


  1. The situation is volatile but Left Coast politics always is. There are a few people who are applauding the move and waiting for their opportunity.

  2. Moe Sihota. Moe should jump into the fray for leader of the NDP.

    Now that James has announced her retirement as leader,the field's wide open.

    I'll be happy with whoever they choose as leader,as long as that person NEVER becomes Premier.


  3. Ironically I wrote this post last night for time release today, and Carole James announced her resignation close to the time my post was posted.