Friday, December 10, 2010

Where Have All The Young Men Gone?

If you are still sitting on the fence about Polygamy, here is another reason to oppose it; evidently young males have a habit of "going missing" in Polygamist communities. In the case of Bountiful BC, an estimated 20% of the men are "missing". "These patterns suggest some combination of an outflow of men and an inflow of women."

They are screwing with the natural balance of available men and available women, which creates sociological problems. What is social justice? Is it allowing freedom of religion, or condemning a practice which condemns a segment of the population and encourages the exportation of the sexual competition? Polygamy needs to be against the law and enforced as such, even if it means using the Charter's infamous "notwithstanding clause". Pierre put it in there because even he realized our courts can be crazy.


  1. I had a long comment ready and then lost my internet connection. Grr...

    Anyway my point was that if this type of cult behaviour is pushed into secrecy even further, I fear for the victims. They will never be reached.

  2. As China is discovering, having a lot of unwed men around is not good for society.

  3. Apparently only favoured young men are allowed to stay at Bountiful. The rest are chased out to pick up itinerant labour-type jobs in the surrounding communities and elsewhere. They've not much education and no decent trades training, so they're really scuppered.

    I'm glad this is finally being exposed. The boys and young men are victims just as much as the girls and young women in these situations, just in a different way.