Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Liberals Accuse Tories Of "Electioneering"

In the wake of recent speculation that the Tories are willing to work with the NDP on the next budget, Liberal Finance critic Scott Brison is now accusing the Conservatives of "electioneering". Meanwhile, this speculation only came about after the Libs decided to start election-mongering. According to Brison, “Both the NDP and the Conservatives are playing games on this. There’s no common ground between those two parties except to avoid an election at any cost.” Ergo Liberals wanting to force an election good, Tories and Dippers wanting to avoid an election bad.

All that being said, the Tories are in a better position to fight an election than the Liberals, so it is odd that the Libs are the ones so eager to go to the polls. The best strategy for the Tories is to "rope-A-dope" the Liberals into forcing an unwanted election. That would seem to be what they are doing, and the Liberals can't resist taking the bait.


  1. I'm beginning to think Iggy and most Liberals just want to get this over with.

    This death by a thousand gaffes thing is getting old.

  2. Is is possible Liberals believe a stronger recovery predicted in 2011 will only hurt them more?
    Without a double dip, an increase in "bad news" from the economy jobs front the Liberal message of "pick me" is looking opportunistic?

    It failed in 2009 to trigger an election with Layton wanting to "make parliament work" shtick.

    If the NDP-Liberals trade seats to a CPC majority neither party leader will survive the night. Does Jack believe he can top 38 seats and take more Liberal seats in 2011?

  3. Coalition NDP-CPC Harper will sell his soul, mother and children to destroy this country and become the next state of the union.

    Come on Iceman say the word coalition.

  4. Yes yes, and Harper is part of the Illuminati, an alien conspiracy to take over the planet, and knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried. Don't you left-tards ever stop?

    An official accord, on paper, sharing cabinet seats, QP, etc, is a coalition. Working with another party to pass legislation on an issue by issue basis (which other than this moment that hasn't actually happened yet and NEVER happens with the NDP) is not a coalition; it is called making Parliament work.

    Old Fellow, you're getting senile.

  5. OLD FELLOW: "Coalition NDP-CPC Harper will sell his soul, mother and children to destroy this country and become the next state of the union."

    The Liberals have appointed an American carpet-bagger as their leader, yet the coolaid drinkers there are worried that Harper is the one selling-out. How asinine is that?

  6. No debate, situation still normal attack the person.

  7. Frank you can look at it this way,
    Harper never lived outside Canada and has only worked in politics, I don't attack him for lack of experience, but I do attack the new conservatism.

  8. And what exactly is this "new conservatism" and what exactly do you hate about it?

  9. Anonymous

    I do my best not to HATE anything or anybody.
    I guess that why I'm not a conservative.

  10. So tell us Old Fellow, since you haven't proven why we're spinning, EXACTLY how is what the Tories and the NDP haven't agreed to potentially yet on a one time basis a "NDP-CPC coalition"?

    Don't strain yourself, now.

  11. Nice sidestep there oldfellow but you didn't answer my question. I'll ask again then in a different way. What is it you "dislike" about the conservatives that makes you want to "attack" them (your word). Please explain, I really want to know what it is, besides that they hate everyone like you implied because you know that's BS.