Monday, December 20, 2010

Not Without My Foot

As a west coast resident, I am becoming somewhat concerned with this recent phenomenon of human feet washing up on shore. Is this a common occurrence, or is something unnatural happening? The common theme is that all these feet are wrapped in shoes, which is likely the most buoyant body part of anyone lost at sea. Does the natural decomposition process detach feet from the body? Or are these feet being manually detached before entering the ocean? That's the big question, and I hope that the police figure it out. I am not comfortable with the idea of going for a walk along the coast and human body parts floating ashore.

1 comment:

  1. The feet belong to illegal immigrants who can't afford the $10,000 smuggler's fee. The immigrants are shipped over here on the installment plan, one piece at a time.

    Eventually, the entire illegal immigrant will make it here to be reassembled by kindly volunteers from Immigration Canada,unless sharks or other denizens of the deep intervene.