Sunday, December 12, 2010

Liberal Holiday Anger

Tomorrow's poll question; what issue do you expect the Liberal Party to get angry and sanctimonious about over the Christmas holidays? In recent years of Liberal minority opposition we have seen repeated fury over the holiday season, from coalition-gate in 2008 to prorogue-gate in 2009. What do you think we can expect this year? Your suggestions are welcome before the Monday morning launch of the poll.


  1. Elections Canada's "new" and liberal approved stab at Conservative 2006 national campaign expenses. yawn

  2. "..The letter and related correspondence were uncovered by respected political website and provided to The Canadian Press.."

    As if ECs Mayrand needed help with his witch hunt...
    so who are the people behind Pundits Guide?

  3. I like Pundit's Guide, and can't figure out who that individual votes for. I understand it to be a single person enterprise, but I could be mistaken. I have found the information on the site to be reliable and non-partisan.

    I know nothing about the author other than when I tweeted thank you for the information and that I couldn't figure out who he or she voted for; Pundit's Guide tweeted back "High praise indeed. Thank you very much. I do have a partisan background, but respect all who participate in our democracy."

    I can't figure out which background that patisan came from. I just know that I have found the site to be a quality resource.

  4. I would like more feedback on the "Christmas Liberal anger" issue before I launch the poll. Attacking the G20 police is a big contender, except that it causes problems for Premier McGuinty. How do they attack the G20 police without attacking Dalton?

  5. You would assume the big issue would be about looming policy about what needs to be fixed; i.e. at all 3 government levels, there is excessive unionized government employee pay/benefits for very low productivity (that’s also the number one problem from California to Greece).

    It’s becoming clearer now that Liberals and Democrats both try to find enough independent voters by pretending to be centrists but they always rely on the free energy and volunteer work of government unions to get out the vote. For example the teachers union here in Ontario can be called upon at a moment’s notice to get out and canvass for Liberals.

    Liberals knowing that Flaherty and Harper are going to have to shrink that government union envelope, you would therefore think the Liberals would find some way to start another hidden agenda-gate story about that.