Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Newman vs Teneycke: There Will Be Mud

It is certainly entertaining television to watch Don Newman and Kory Teneycke going head to head with Evan Soloman stuck in the middle. I've watched a lot of Newman over the years, and I'd have to say that I have never seen him as confrontational as when he is on TV with Kory. Newman's assertion is that this new news network will fabricate stories for purely partisan gain and not report real news, which is certainly an inflammatory accusation against a network that has yet to air a single news story.

To be fair, Don did land the best jab of the sequence when Kory was complaining about the CBC getting a billion dollars in parliamentary appropriations, and Newman pointed out that Kory didn't seem to mind when he was getting paid to appear on the network. The main point of attack was whether or not there will be Liberal pundits to appear on the network to present opposing opinion, like an Allan Combs. I think there absolutely should be some Liberal opinion on the network, rather than just have a bunch of Conservatives sitting around a table agreeing with each other. Granted if any Liberals are chosen, you will likely hear accusations from the left that the token Liberal will be chosen on the basis of being ineffective (and as such an easy target for the mean right wingers to beat around).

The new network is not going to tear apart the fabric of Canadian society. It will provide a format that Canadians don't have available from a Canadian news network, hard news during the day and opinion shows at night. If people don’t like it, they won’t watch. And yes they should hire some Liberals. I suppose my next poll question should be which Liberal pundit would you hire to provide balance to this fledgling network?


  1. It must to tough to have a young Kory tell you to your face you suck and your product sucks.

    Kory was clear Canadian media is boring and the CBC gets one billion and they still suck.

    I thought Evan was going to have to taser Don when he tried to show the intro clip for SunTV.

    Don was the face for the boring Canadians News and it has not recovered.

    Evan and Don tried to defend and deny the low ratings and money by suggesting Sun TV will benefit for carriage fees and Kory get paid to appear.

    Too many talking over each other for a clear knockout but the anger for competition is evident.

  2. Maybe now that Newman has been "retired" by the CBC he is looking for a new gig ....

  3. Don Newman is an asshat and hasn't been relevant for many years if he ever was. Like Craig Oliver he is a fart catcher extrodinaire.

  4. So Newman thinks they are going to "fabricate" stories - I wonder if he means sort of like "wafer-gate"?????

    Hmmmm - maybe Kory could ask him for me.

  5. Where would Mr. Newman get the idea that journalists fabricate stories? They just report the news, don't they?

  6. Accusing your opponent of something that you’re guilty of is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

    The Toronto media propagandists have been lying to us Canadians ever since forever!

    I say it’s “Times Up” for them.

    They need to be starved of taxpayer’s money, then thrown into an arena full of competitive Gladiators to finish them off.

    Canada will be a better country because of it!

  7. I wouldn't be surprised to see Warren Kinsella on this new channel (why else would he have written a positive piece about Kory and the new channel. I'm thinking a segment where he debates a Conservative - maybe him against Ezra? I'd pay to see that smackdown!

    As far as Don Newman goes, he is totally irrelevant and really needs to retire. It's not the 70s or 80s anymore.


  8. How many hours of the brawwwwwwwwdcast did we have to listen to Don rave on about the Wafergate story, which was a fabrication?

  9. This is getting good. The best the leftards could do is yawn but they are compelled to screch. hehehe now this is infotainment.

  10. Which Liberal should be their token big-L pundit? I'd nominate John Manley -- he's done pretty well during the G&M livechats, plus he's well-liked by all the spectrum.

  11. CBC should have to compete without taxpayer funds. What is interesting to me is that CBC and CTV seem to have a mutual agreement to provide the same news with the same viewpoint. If CTV was actually trying to be competitive they would have gone for CBC's jugular years ago. Instead, they spew the same crap as CBC. When do the shares for Sun TV go on sale?

  12. Don Newman and Mike Duffy should go at it on SunTV. They both know alot of political 'insider' stories.
    I think they would be a good match.
    And who knows, maybe the old guys will be the most entertaining!

  13. Evan and Don don't get it - we do. The rest of the show was pure Liberal talking points! A rare conservative who is unhappy, more lake comments, getting Vic Teows to admit that he had to hive off some of the crime bill being stalled, detainees, Jaffer etc., They are so immersed that they don't even notice!!!!

    NO one is reporting that the PM is hosting a big dinner for the Indian PM

    As well, only the star mentioned this initiative

    I guess Iggy stole a page from Harper's action plan for his speach in TO. What Iggy contemplates for the future, Harper already has a real plan for doing it now.

  14. And remember how Kady tried to explain her failure to cover climategate, because the e-mails were leaked. How many fibs has she spread via leaked documents.
    Oh, it didn't involve canadians, funny, but it is two canadians that are getting some award for their breaking the story of the scam.
    And now an insider has told the truth about how many scientists had agreed with the IPCC report,about two dozen, not 2500. Funny how one can add a couple zeros to make a story.

    ss broken the story that it was only about 2 dozen scientists who peer revied the

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