Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Banning Oil Tankers

Today's poll question; should we allow oil tankers in Canadian waters? Yesterday the opposition passed a motion to ban oil tankers from filling up on Albertan oil in northern British Columbia. This is in response to the plan to build an oil pipeline to the port at Kitimat BC. The current pipeline runs through metro Vancouver; ergo the opposition is trying to force the continued delivery of oil through the province's largest metropolis rather than divert it north. This legislation is clearly aimed at BC voters, but demanding that the greatest plurality of BC voters continue with oil pipelines flowing underneath their streets instead of sending it to a less populated area hardly seems like a winning strategy.

We are an oil exporting nation and rely on this export for much of our national economic wealth. Oil is exported from BC ports, and this brings much economic prosperity and activity to our province. Shutting it out will have grave consequences. Moreover, if you think tankers are so dangerous, why insist that we direct that traffic to Vancouver? The damage would be far greater if there were a major tanker accident in the waters off Vancouver than if it happened in the north.


  1. This is just another political stunt in a series of them. This has nothing to do with the environment but it will be used the opposition to appeal to the special interest groups that want to attack Alberta.

    Americans are our biggest customer but expanding our trade with Asia would help diversify and improve our bargaining position.

    Are these green econuts pawns of OPEC and Americans you betcha.

    Why do you think the left are ignoring calls for the largest emitters to be included in the next round of C02 targets?

    Why not extend the ban all tanker traffic including OPEC from the middle east?

    The offshore oil rigs north of NFLD is delivered by similar tankers?

  2. Aah Her Majesties "Loyal Opposition" the Coalition clown Car with three steering wheels runs on what?
    I really see those three as preadolescents sitting around their Davy Suzuki tm tree fort, wondering where babies (money) comes from. Does Jack think his and Olivias 100,000,000 + a year expense account falls off a tree somewhere?
    Rasputin Iggy is OK with Vancouver oil tankers, East Coast tankers, mid east Unethical Oil for Quebec etc.
    Gilles who always looks like his prostate has just been probed by someone with very cold fingers, does he wonder where those nice transfer dollars come from? Naah he just wants to be Gilles. Passing strange that for a guy who says "Canada is a nice Country, but it's not my Country" He manages to stick his nose into our buisness on a regular basis.
    Of course this is not a Non Confidence motion, they are PO'ed that their bill which would have crippled our economy was kicked to the curb by the unelected Senate. Funny how that wasn't a problem as long as Libs had a stranglehold on everything.
    The Greens had their day, it's over, Cancun is a bust, they just don't get it. Voters do, go for it coalition of losers. Make our day!
    I hope they keep talking until the next election, they will all be polling single digits.