Thursday, December 9, 2010

Top Canadian Game Changer

Today's poll question; who do you think is the most significant Canadian political game changer of 2010? Yes, I am borrowing a poll question from the CBC, but they left Rob Ford off their list. Personally I don't see how you can have such a list without Rob Ford, or even the CBC's own Don Cherry, who played a role in the election of Ford and Fantino. Kory Teneycke has to be on that list. He might have resigned, but he served a purpose and now Sun TV is scheduled for a March launch. Evidently the commenter's at the CBC website also noticed that Rob Ford's name was not on that list. I don't know how Evan can justify having the new mayor of Calgary on the list, but the new mayor of Toronto left off. Toronto is a much larger city with more federal seats than Calgary.

I put Stephen Harper on the list, though I am not sure that I would rank him as a 2010 "game changer". He has been consistently strong for many years now, but I don't think he really changed anything this year. Yet he was nominated in my comment section, and that's why I ask for your suggestions (sorry, Jim Prentice didn't make the list). I call Rob Ford the most significant game changer because he did the improbable if not impossible. A Conservative won Toronto. If I run Stephen Harper in a poll, he will get a majority of votes. The Blogging Tory audience strongly supports him.


  1. I am going with the Pinko media because they have become the official opposition to the swing back to Conservative values as the end of times.

    The panic and fear from the list of articles and appearances of some right wing conspiracy has forced regular voters to turn away from traditional media because it does not reflect their own values.

    Winners are FOX and alternative media that does not take one side or demonize your views as ignorant.

    So like Don Cherry a little common sense a breath of fresh air from Rob Ford is compliments of the pinko left wing kooks who have been telling us what to think and believe for the last 20 years.

    They just don't know it yet but this is much bigger than Rob or some tea party. It's global and we are fed up with collectivist 'social justice' BS.

  2. Rob is a trail blazer no doubt about it.

  3. Cranky or just a CrankDecember 10, 2010 at 4:13 AM

    Domo Obrigado vote Joey Votto.