Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Iggy's Fall Voting Attendance 19%

There have been 42 votes thus far in our fall session of Parliament, and Liberal leader Mike Ignatieff registered a vote in 8 of them. Here I had been under the impression that voters elect candidates to vote on their behalf in our House of Commons. That's not what the people of Etobicoke Lakeshore got when they elected Iggy. He has been present to vote on the mandatory census, gun registry, and gender expression; but has missed votes on pension protection, affordable housing, family leave, air security, war resisters, and Panama free trade. I wonder if any of those issues matter to the people of Etobicoke Lakeshore who have been without a vote in parliament 80% of the time.

By comparison, Bob Rae registered a vote in 85% of the votes in the fall session.


  1. Yes, his record is that good.He wanted to be better but he wanted Canadians to see him as he is,the 19% man.

  2. If there is ever another 2 wk holiday, we will bring this record up, as iggy stands infrof of an open door demanding it be unlocked so he can go to work.

  3. Maybe Count Iggula thought they were private members bills and that he was not allowed to vote.