Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Canadian Female Athlete Of 2010?

Today's poll question; who was the best Canadian female athlete of 2010? This being a winter Olympic year, there are a number of gold medalists to choose from. Joannie Rochette has the be the sentimental favourite even though she had to settle for the bronze. Hers was unquestionably the best story of performing under pressure and adversity, but I might take our women's hockey team as the most dominant.

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  1. It's too bad it is so hard to see a video of the short and then long programme at the Olympics because the American Olympic coverage is not available in Canada (unless you buy a video). I especially am mad that Scott Hamilton's coverage of the short programme is not available as he was practically in tears as he commented her incredible performance.
    I was down in the States when Joannie did her final skate and I have to tell you I could barely watch it, I was so afraid she would fall or something and not get a medal.