Friday, December 31, 2010

11 Predictions For 2011

Here are 11 predictions for the year 2011, and today's poll question is which do you think is most likely to come true? More than one may happen, but you have to select the most likely to become reality. Personally if I were a gambling man had to make a bet on one of these 11 predictions, I would feel the safest betting on Dalton losing this fall. I think it is 95% guaranteed that Sarah Palin will announce she is running for President. The odds of an election in Canada this year is probably a 50-50 coin flip right now. It is unlikely that Obama will be impeached, but it would be nice.

Here are your choices:

1) McGuinty loses Ontario Premier's office
2) Ignatieff ousted as Liberal leader
3) Spring federal election
4) Flaherty significantly reduces deficit
5) Palin announces run for President
6) Obama impeached
7) Federal Liberals-NDP merge
8) TSX outgains Dow Jones
9) Al Gore further discredited
10) Gold prices fall
11) Conservatives win majority


  1. Iggy's on the way out,UNLESS there is an election this Spring,and he leads the Liberals to a majority government.

    Prime Minister Igfnatieff.

    Nope,don't like the sound of that one bit.


  2. If one of the court cases (especially the one with a military officer who refused to recognize the authority of the President Obama) ever make it to the end, Obama could be impeached for not being born in the U.S.

  3. McGuinty is toast. The only question is:
    Does McGuinty even last long enough to run again in October or do the Liberals mutiny and position a new leader, such as the extremely ambitious Michael Bryant, as their new leader?


  4. It's sad when even die-hard Tories like you believe the least likely thing that will happen this year is the Conservatives winning a majority. I guess 2012 predictions would include 'Harper stepping down as leader'.

  5. ConCanCon: I think Harper's had plenty of time on top to prove or disprove that he can give the Conservatives a clear win. If there is an election this year and he doesn't win a clear majority with that clown Ignatief as his rival, then he should step down. The only question is who do we have in the wings that will get that Ontario and BC vote.

  6. If Opps don't bring down govt on the SFTT or Budget,
    Iffy loses his leadership review in the spring, Bob Rae becomes interim leader and the LibDips merge.

    If 2011 election, PMSH wins another strong mandate, perhaps a majority,
    because Gilles wants to lead the prov seppies and a Conservative govt would be his best opposition.
    Gilles would not want to have a referendum with the coalition lefites in govt.

  7. "It's sad when even die-hard Tories like you believe the least likely thing that will happen this year is the Conservatives winning a majority."

    Where do I say that? Dude, that list is in no particular order, and Tory majority is the 2nd most popular answer.