Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Do The Dippers Want An Election?

Today's poll question; do you think the NDP wants a spring election? The Globe and Mail is now speculating that the Dippers and Tories are preparing to work together on the spring budget, while Iggy and the Liberals have been election-mongering. Being that the Conservatives are in a much stronger position than the Liberals, both in polls and bank accounts, I suspect that they wouldn't mind seeing the opposition bring down the House. The NDP however have been lagging in the polls and suffered a devastating defeat in the latest byelections. The Tories should not be opposed to an opposition induced election, and the NDP should be desperate to avoid heading to the polls before Iggy completes his self-destruct cycle. His campus tour, then Thinkapalooza, then Summer Tour, then Open Mike, all said done, did not budge the polls for more than a few days at a time.

If the NDP and Tories are indeed preparing to work together, the Conservatives have the most bargaining power. I think the punditry might be surprised at what policies the NDP are willing to bend on to avoid an election. The debacle of Winnipeg North likely has the Dippers spooked.


  1. I am a "dipper" and I think continuing to use that term to describe us, when in fact the Conservatives, who continue to feed money to corporations, jets, prisons and suck money out of the middle class, definatly are more deserving of that moniker.

  2. PC is a funny guy. His party wants to raise payroll taxes, drive out manufacturing jobs with higher costs and reduce our efforts to be global traders.

    Having the UN send our money to China so they can build the newest coal plants is wealth redistribution we cant afford.

    If you look at the NDP held ridings high unemployment is a pattern.

  3. ProgressCanada, the NDP know nothing about standing up for the middle class. What the middle class want are lower taxes to help support our families, tougher laws to keep criminals in prison and rehabilitation, and strong businesses that create jobs (go take Economics 101). Apparently, the NDP are opposed to all of these things, especially low taxes -- how are high taxes supposed to help the middle class? Beats me.

  4. Don't forget PC, that the NDP want moratorium on all tarkards with oil so do they want to shut down the oil sands that offers jobs for thousands of people. Oh and another thing, Libby Davies supports the HAMAS.

    PC, how many bills did the NDP voted on for you me and women.
    Do you know that the NDP voted against the aboriginal marital women rights to own property.

    Socialists do not like too many jobs around; they feel intimidated so. having just a few jobs keeps the NDP track on you. BTW, if you make more money than your neighbour who doesn't have a job or doesn't feel like working-you PC, have to give him some of your hard-earned money. Like I said, socialists keep track on you how- by: the manditory long census form and other gathering information.

    Just one more thing PC, if you think that businesses are going to stay in canada while under the 'moratorium act and very high taxes' by layton duceppe and liberals- you are sadly mistaken.

  5. With no general election in the spring, Iffy will have to endure a leadership review.
    Why would Jack not want to watch that spectacle?

    Also, for a LibDip coalition to be acceptable to the Dippers, one would think that Bob Rae would be best in the Lib throne.

    The NDP has really got a good grip on Quebec, but need more time to solidify their gains.

    Wouldn't it be delicious if Rae was working behind the scenes to form a breakaway group of MPs.
    All Rae needs is 18+/- MPs and a Rae/Layton coalition can become the Official Opposition.

  6. The only reason I can see Layton favouring a Spring election is if he's made Leader of the Liberal Party.

    The NDP is NOT the "Party of the little guy" that they like to claim, but rather the Party of BIG organized Labour, all public sector unions back the NDP. One of the first acts of the Mike Harcourt NDP in B.C. was to cut the welfare rates for single persons from $550 to $500 a month.

    The NDP,and this is something voters should never forget, despise capitalism,and capitalists. They are far more Left-wing than they like to admit to the public.

    The NDP has been a disaster in every Province they've governed,and would be even worse in the National role as they turn Canada into their version of a socialist paradise, which means academics and public sector workers thrive,while the rest of us live in poverty.

    Most NDP'ers I've met joined up due to youthful idealism,and those that stayed NDP did so for the money and power they accrued under that socialist regime.

    Let's hope Jack Layton NEVER has his hands on the controls of the government of Canada through coalitions or partnerships with other Parties. Either way,Canadians would be the big losers.


  7. What about the Bloc they too sign with the Lib/ndp in a coalition deal and it aint for chuck change; they are separatist and for that want billions of dollars for that very purpose.
    Why the media have not mention them is a secret agenda of theirs which is: let the public accept LIB/DIP and when in government surprise surprise Duceppe sits next to Layton.

    All three of the coalition leader 'will' have a hand in running and controlling canada and canadians.