Friday, December 10, 2010

Liberals Spinning Singing

I can only imagine Iggy and his spin doctors sitting around a TV in the Liberal war room watching another fantastic music performance by our Prime Minister and asking the question; how can we possibly spin this against him? The best idea that they could conjure up was that he did not sing a song in French. Seriously??? That's the best you've got? He should have sang a song in French? Really???

Last time the PM showed off his musical side to a large audience, Iggy got on the radio the next day and said "I can do that". Oddly enough, we are still waiting for Count Chocula to put on a show of his own. I think that Iggy not only needs to man up and sing a song, he should do his own rendition of Alouette. The symbology would be significant. Plucking the feathers from a small bird.

Come on Mike, just do it! I dare you.


  1. I'm not sure what was more astounding, the fact that the media has apparently decided that they should actually report the fact that he didn't sing a french song, or the self appointed critics of his singing.

    The Liberal reaction is petty and sounds like the mewing of a toothless old bag.

  2. A Christmas party, no boring speech but five songs that the media are allowed to ignore or share. They chose share funny that!

    Many Liberal bloggers are embarrased by the "senior liberal" whining and the fact the media have helped with the publicity of a Christmas party.

    Lat year over 700k in views from PM at NAC.
    The left can stuff that in their pipe and smoke it!

    Layton praised Harper last year for his performance at NAC. Ignatieff complained about it and it made him smaller in eyes of many.

  3. If the liberals want to hear a song in French, why doesn't Iggy get off his ass and start singing?


  4. I'd sing at a Christmas Party, but not for the whole world to see! The PM is not the greatest singer ever but he's defiantly got what it takes to lead us.

  5. Just when I thought the Liberals couldn't get any more ridiculous!

    I thought Stevie Ray Harper and the boys did a pretty good job on the Stones classic. Not great, but a respectable garage band.


  6. A "Day in the Life" of Mr. & Mrs. Z

    Mrs Z: When will we "Get back" to where we once belonged ?

    Mr. Z: You mean Harvard ? ... "When I'm 64"

    Mrs. Z: But I'll have my "19th nervous breakdown" by then !

    Mr. Z: Don't be such a "Stupid Girl" ! My MP's pension kicks in on January 2012. All I have to do is keep Bob Rae "Under my thumb" until then.

    Calgary Junkie

  7. The problem is that the Liberals and the NDP just don't understand what "ordinary Canadians" do at Christmas parties.

  8. Some suggestions for Iggys song list.

    Should I Stay or Should I Go?
    We're an American Band
    To Old to Rock 'n' Roll
    Thick As A Brick

  9. Only a "Liberal" or perhaps an NDP'er, forget about the racist Blocheads, would have the fascist tendencies and indoctrinated supremacy to demand that if you're going to sing Neil Diamond songs or Rolling Stones or other Brit bands songs you should be forced to sing them in French, even if you're not French. Pathetic!! I'm still waiting for a forensic audit to be done on the costs of Turdos forced French (bilingualism) social engineering scheme. I'm sure the numbers would horrify.

  10. I thought Harper did a helluva job belting out those songs, and good for him! And I even praised him for it on my blog.

  11. I thought if Liberals are looking to attack Harper's performance at the caucus meeting for political gain, they should point out that there was no appeal made to, and thus a slight to the trans-gender community when Harper didn't include "Man! I feel like a woman" in his repertoire.

    When can we expect an apology from Ignatieff to the trans-gender community, that his party didn't rise up to defend the interests of their community, and does Ignatieff take their vote for granted just because he walks hand in hand with them in the Gay Pride parade in Toronto.