Monday, December 27, 2010

Iggy, The Incompetent Compassionate Alternative

What do you look for in a Prime Minister, compassion or competency? Having failed to register with voters on the matter of competency, Iggy Pop is now trying to present himself as Mr Compassion. There is nothing wrong with compassion, but when mixed with a stunning lack of competency it can be very dangerous. Iggy and friends at the Globe and Mail are trying very hard to distance the Liberals from the spectre of a coalition with the Bloc and the NDP by trying to appeal to their voters. A vote for the NDP is a vote for Stephen Harper, they say. If however you want an incompetent compassionate alternative to Mr. Harper, vote Liberal. Nothing says incompetent like Mike Ignatieff in the driver's seat.


  1. Iggy is the best asset for the Conservatives.

    The left know Iggy is a faker and half his voters want a leadership change.

    The question is how many more Liberal leaning voters will stay home or defect to the NDP in the next election.

    Iggy is already giving those Dion supporters much to laugh and cry about. Iggy was parachuted in displacing a minority female in a safe seat. Ignatieff eliminates any democratic contest for leadership after Dion and effectively repeats same for another safe seats for a recently fired cabinet minister from the Dalton gang.

    Iggy is a one man wrecking crew that has kept his party below 30% in the polls. Returned to 2008 donation levels. Is slated to under-perform Dion in the next general election.

  2. Are you not concerned that Harper is running record deficits? And will for the forseeable future (Flaherty keeps pushing the date out further and further)? At least Liberals have a proven track record of fiscally sound management. Harper talks about it while plying voters with deficit bucks. He is burdening our children with a massive debt. That alone is reason to reject Harper to say nothing of appointed conservatives to the senate and other debacles.

  3. Anon, do you think that no senators should have been appointed to fill all those vacancies that have occurred. What pension plans do you suggest the libs steal, and what programs should they push on to the provinces to balance their books. Go back and check out the deficits that pet got us into. Check into what are provincial and federal responsibilities. And if the coalition has not raised its threat, would we be in a deficit. It was their demands for stimulus spending.
    Hey, maybe the lib/ndp plan is to steal union dues and cancel all cupe pensions, to balance any future budget. As the PM cuts and defunds more of those lib programs we will balance the budget. My first choice to go is the Status of Women, and most funding to ngos.

  4. Anon, what is the single largest contributor to the deficit? The stimulus. What was Iggy's first act as unelected leader? Demand a stimulus. The Liberals last balanced the budget by raiding the EI fund and cutting transfers to the provinces. They just moved costs around, they didn't perform any miracles.

  5. Iceman, you forget how much money Harper pidled on the G8, Economic Action Plan and other pet projects that Harper uses to get Ontario and Quebec votes. The reduction in GST was an ill-conceived vote gimmick. Now he is handing out corporate welfare to the tune of billiobs of dollars...also something he said he would never do. He should have cut income taxes so that the middle class would have benefited.

    The bottom line is that Harper boasts about being a good fiscal manager but the Liberals have the track record.

    For those of you criticizing the cuts made bt Liberals. You live in a dreamland. Either we cut expenses, raise taxes or run endless deficits. Harper has been incapable of the discipline necessary to make spending cuts. So we get endless deficits. You can whine about cuts but that must be done. So far the Conservative Party utterly lacks the courage. Mulroney ran a $42 billion deficit, the Liberals balanced the books for 8 years and Harper runs $55 billion deficits. Until Harper can make cuts he is ineffective.

    HArper said he would never make patronage appointments. But he has done it. When he made that promise was he yanking our chain knowing it to be false? Or did he seriously want to attempt non-partisan appointments and fail to deliver on that promise/ Either way, he's a loser. And so is Canada.

  6. Anon, I haven't forgotten anything. I will judge Prime Minister Harper by what he does when he has a majority government. With Iggy's gross incompetence, that should happen sooner rather than later.

  7. LOL, Why wouldn't you judge Harper now? You still think he will be seriously different than the last 5 years? No deficits? Less political appointments? Foreign relations suddenly repaired? Give me a break. What earth shattering legislation has Harper not been able to pass because he is in a minority government? The government has not fallen which means that all of Harper's legislation has passed. He has not been thwarted by the opposition. I like your optimism though. You are a partisan without equal. Are you hoping for a senate appointment?

  8. "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

    -Winston Churchill

  9. What foreign relations repaired? PM Harper's foreign policies are fine by me.

  10. Anon December 27, 2010
    You critize Brian Mulroney's deficit of 44 billion dollars well please go to GOV OF CANADA WEBSITE you will notice that Brian Mulroney ran surpluses for most of his tenure as Prime Minister, what put them into deficit was the payment of service charges of 30 billion dollars annually to service P.E. Trudeau rather large (200 + billion dollars national debt.

    2 Prime Minister Stephen Harper was elected in 2006: for the fiscal year 2005-2006 he returned a surplus of 14 billion dollars, for the fiscal year 2006-2007 PMSH returned a surplus of 13 billion dollars; 2007-2008 there was a 13 billion dollars surplus. Where did these surpluses go, a total of 40 billion dollars, went to reduce the national debt from 512 billion dollars inherited from the liberal party of Trudeau mostly down to 472 billion dollars therby saving billions of dollars on interest charges.

    3 The Prime Minister said that he would not appoint senators which he did not do in his first two years in office, but when the opposition liberal party in the HoC and in the Senate stymied all his bills to create and elected senate with term limits left him no choice but fill those vacancies. Knowing that if the liberals got back into power that they would move very quickly to appoint senators and maintain their dominance in that upper chamber.

    4 Chretien/Martin era's balance budgets were attained at the expense of the Canada Health transfers, infrastructue transfers and raiding the EI of 56 billion dollars at a time of low unemployment and a thriving economy.

    If you are so proud of your Liberals has being better fiscal managers, can you please have them return to the Canadian taxpayers (that's you and me) the 40 million dollars that the Gomery Commission identified has having been stolen by the Chretien/Martin error. not to forget the monies that were put into the political cronies and party hacks.