Monday, December 6, 2010

Liberal Propaganda

The Liberals are angry that new Conservative MP Julian Fantino compared their media strategy to that of Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany. Now the Liberal Party is offended and they want the Tory MP punished, because people on the left never ever compare Conservatives to Nazis. That kind of comparison is only acceptable if it is moving left to right, not right to left. Mr Fantino said "I think they intended to hurt my campaign. The things they said ... a lot of them were absolute lies. They keep repeating [them]. I call it the Hitler theory. You tell a lie often enough you hope that some people will believe it." To which the Liberals responded: "It is a term of gross slander, and to toss it around as a political epithet both trivializes that terrible moment in history and insults the memory of its real victims."

Good luck guys. I strongly disagree that Fantino's statement is "gross slander". It doesn't change the reason he made the statement, that Liberals were repeating lies about him during the campaign hoping that people would believe them. That's what the Nazi propaganda ministry did. That does not suggest that the Liberal Party participated in the Holocaust, it provides a historical example of their campaign strategy. Is it "too soon" for WWII references? Should he have gone back to reference ancient Rome? Had they been compared to the propaganda ministry of Kim Jong Il, would Liberals still be this offended? Coalition partner Gilles Duceppe compared Canada to Nazi Germany, and I don't recall the Liberals screaming foul about it.

Come guys, grow up. It's like the time someone accused me of being racist against Russians because I called Iggy "Rasputin".


  1. Juliano Fantino coined it correctly - and you coined it right too when you said "That kind of comparison is only acceptable if it is moving left to right, not right to left." - how true is that!

    I could add that in the case of the NDP and the Liberals and MY 'nazi-like' human rights plight HERE IN CANADA - they think that if they deny it enough times - it might negate the fact that it did happen!

    As you've noted - use of the reference isn't to compare them to nazis nor is it to denigrate or marginalize the victims of the nazis - it's to remind people that history speaks examples and warnings - for those paying attention.

  2. Scott Reid for the CBC who said "kill him, kill him dead" is the worst. He has yet to publicly apologize to PM Stephen Harper.

  3. Most people couldn't give a flying fig what the Liberal party thinks or doesn't think about most issues these days. There faux outrage on this matter is being ignored.

  4. By being outraged at that comparison all it is doing is making us pay attention to what liberals say, over and over. They should have kept quiet.
    Every lie they tell now will be outed over and over again.
    A perfect example is Justin out defending the Charter. We know it has been abused but sort of forgot about it. Now, every time it is used to free some criminal, or allow some illegal refugees to stay, we will call Justin on it.

  5. Liberals = Socialists
    N.D.P. = socialists
    NAZI = national socialist party
    The "Big Lie" was touted by Joseph Goebbels as telling an outrageous lie often, loudly and people would come to believe it. Seems to part of the left wing socialist fabric alright.
    As examples from our recent history, hostgate, body-bag-gate.
    As far as the Montreal Massacre goes the weapon used by a re-named Ghamal Gharbi (Mark Lepine)AKA. was registered. The simpering socialists led by little Justin and professor Mike Iggnatieff would not want the facts to get in front of an absurdly expensive do nothing gun registry.
    The Charter of Wrongs is just a perfect socialist tool, wonderful that Mr Fantino called them on it, as well as their NAZI propaganda. The complaint media just keeps trumpeting their ill informed illusions/fantasies.
    People in Canada aren't buying their crap anymore, no longer trust the media. Must suck to be them and be unable to change the channel.
    Cheers Bubba

  6. Anybody remember PET on his motorbike with SS helmet and swastikas ?
    But he was a Liberal wasn't he ?

  7. Yes Tom the older Trudeau was famous for riding around on his old bike wearing a German helmet. As for the Nazi comparison it occurs to me that the National Socialist Party of Germany (Nazis) seized power via a Coalition, once Hitler was in the Chancellor's chair there wasn't a road back.
    Left wing Nazis (socialists) will do anything to get into power, even jump in bed with seperistas. But of course it would be for our own good.
    Cheers Bubba

  8. I think every time the Liberals comment on Fantino's invocation of the Nazis, Conservatives should say that they defer all of Mr. Ignatieff's questions to the MP from Scarborough Rouge-River Derek Lee who seems to be the reining expert in the HoC on comparing politicians to the Nazis.