Monday, January 25, 2010

Bob Rae "the Prince of Prorogation"

It was compelling television to watch Pierre Poilievre remind Bob of his history of proroguing as Premier of Ontario right after Bob finished a partisan rant on Prime Minister Harper usurping democracy. Bob attempted to deflect by looking down at his shoes and repeating "this is not about me". When Pierre was done and Solo started setting up the next subject, Bob sat back in his chair and made that "growling face" where he grins his teeth like some kind of rabid wolverine. It honestly appeared that for a period of about 20 seconds, Bobby was weighing the pros and cons of jumping over the table to ring Poilievre's throat.

We are talking about a man who prorogued the Ontario legislature 3 times in his single term as Premier, when Ontario was gripped by devastating economic recession. It is not easy to set priorities when you're in charge, is it Bobby? But as I've said before, I am kind of torn on this and I really should pull my punches because I strongly support Bob Rae suspending the legislature when he's in charge. My only gripe was that he did not shut things down for his entire term, because Ontarians would have been better off with no government than his government.

And what is even more disturbing is that a man who prorogued 3 times in one term decided he would take this federal prorogation by the horns and proclaim that democracy is dying. You have to wonder if it ever occurred to him when he was deciding what to be angry about; that perhaps you should not attack a leader for doing something you did repeatedly as a leader? Or did he even stop to think? Since he was one of the first to jump all over the Colvin file for the opportunity to accuse our troops of war crimes, I am assuming that the attempt to tie prorogation and Afghanistan together blinded him to his own past actions.

The Liberals today were trying to tie prorogation back to the detainee file. Ignatieff bluntly said today that the only reason Parliament was prorogued was to kill the committee, but if Harper decides to call a public Inquiry after the Olympics, that would kill that conspiracy theory. Either way I’m sure Iggy is pleased with Bob’s history of proroguing, because it does discredit his fiercest rival.  This has to postpone the night of the long knives.

As an aside, I am considering joining Pierre Poilievre's fan club.


  1. Pierre Poilievre is the right man for the job to dress down the unctuous Bob Rae. He is such a hypocrite. I voted for Rae and his prorogues - because the other three PM's used the tools available to them constitutional speaking and never made excuses and took their lumps. Whereas Rae is a cynical knave, pretending to be above the application of power. What a dangerous man. Cheers.

  2. One thing you can certainly say about Bob Rae:
    like Elizabeth May, he's photogenic!

    What a self-promoting goofball.

  3. Delightful, just delightful. Glad to hear that Pierre, who does not come across like a guy that is about to gut you, and then does.

    Gotta love it!

  4. Proroguing in itself is a good thing and to my mind should happen possibly once a year. Ths the issue of proroguing is to my mind more about the length of time prorogued. Bob Rae had the legislature prorogued almost 25% of the time he was in power. Chretien prorogued for 82 days at a time. Both Rae and Chretien prorogued to avoid scrutiny which I don't believe is Harper's aim. After all it would be to Harper's advantage to show the Liberal hypocrisy regarding Afghanistan detainees.

  5. Where is the link? I don't want to visit the MSM perogie sites unecessarily.

  6. Link? Would love to see this..

    Where can the piece be found?