Tuesday, December 7, 2010

British Columbia's Political Malaise

When was the last time that a Provincial election was so uninspiring that both the leader of the winning party and the leader of the official opposition resigned within 1.5 years of the last election? Gordon Campbell did not win in 2009 because BC loved him and his carbon tax, he won because Carole James was that bad. Now here we are before the half way point of a majority mandate and both main party leaders are quitting. Both will have leadership contests while parliament is sitting. BC finds itself in a bit of a mess.

From the NDP perspective, if you did not think that Carole James could beat whoever replaces Cambpell, now was the time to act. It is a smart move to replace a lame leader when the government is also picking a new leader. I texted the news to my NDP friend and he replied that they needed new blood and he is still voting Dipper.


  1. Where's the Pirate Party when you need them?

  2. We need a new party, a small "c" conservative party, a fresh dynamic leader and a strong group of organizers who can steal existing Liberals who are not too tainted.