Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zuckerberg Person Of The Year?

Today's poll question; is the Facebook creator a good choice for person of the year? Personally I do not like Facebook. It seems to often replace conventional friendships with the public printed words instead of verbal communication. The problem with using written words to maintain relationships so publicly with everyone else you know, is that you remove tone of voice and body language from the equation. People very easily get the wrong idea from an innocent comment, and a large portion of that communication can and will be taken out of context. An inside joke between two friends can be grossly misunderstood by another friend and cause problems.

How many friendships have died on Facebook? Marriages? Facebook evidence is a pretty hot commodity in divorce court as I understand it these days. Do you think Facebook provides a useful service, or is it slowly eroding society as we know it? I also don't like how the guy became a billionaire, by selling your information to the highest bidder. Hey, maybe some people like Facebook Scrabble so much they don't mind all their personal information being provided to a 3rd party enterprise...


  1. As Rush Limbaugh said, the Tea Party movement should have been the person of the year. Facebook is so last year.

    But I enjoyed the Social Network movie which was like an old-fashioned morality play: What does it profit a main to gain the whole world if he loses his soul?"

  2. As far as I'm concerned facebook is simply a billboard for perverts.

  3. Iceman - a shameless hijack of your blog for a moment, slightly appropriate, perhaps, considering your blog today.

    No one get's rich off of someone else's info.. call it the "anti-facebook effort" :)

    Tis the season for a friendly blogger challenge - to put down our punditry and complaining for a moment to do some small act for someone else - and then blog about it and challenge others to do the same.

    Your mission if you choose it:

    Small Hero Challenge

  4. I think most people are just jealous of the guy for being so smart and making so much money at the age of 26. Exploiting consumers to maximize profit. Isn't that what business all about?