Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Golf In Vancouver

It is the middle of December in Vancouver, and many golf courses are still open. Today I enjoyed a great round of golf at Burnaby Mountain, where it was warm, sunny, and the course was in excellent condition. Most of the rest of Canada is buried under several feet of snow, but we are still golfing in Vancouver. I actually played very poorly today, but that didn't matter because I was happy just to be taking the field. The length of the golf season in Vancouver is among the reasons that I am never moving back to Ontario. I end the 2010 golf season having not achieved my goal of breaking 100 in a round of par 72. Oh well, shit happens.


  1. Oh sure, rub it in why don't you!! I told you to stay in Vancouver if you were a golfer. My clubs are up in the garage attic, sleeping until May/June. Enjoy the golf, I'm envious!

  2. Golf is good here in Arizona all winter but you will need to put your clubs away for a few weeks to come. It doesn't rain much here either.

  3. If Mike Harris ran for Premier again would you return?

    Send pics from the Golf Course next time, better than salt for wounds.