Friday, December 17, 2010

Woman Attacks Gunman

Recently in Florida a gunman walked into a school board meeting started ranting and opened fire. Nobody was killed in the ordeal except the gunman himself. During the incident, a small woman tried to sneak up behind the man and hit him over the head with her purse. The man was about a foot taller and 150 pounds heavier than the women. While I respect the woman's bravery in this situation, it was a remarkably stupid thing to do. The man just turned around and threw her to the ground and went on to start shooting people. She's lucky that her act of bravery didn't get her killed, because it sure did not help diffuse the situation. The man had not yet fired any shots, and after her act he went on to shoot people. She is not a hero. She put herself and others in danger.

As a PSA to women who find themselves in a similar situation in the future, the best thing that you can do to help the situation is to alert and assist law enforcement. Don't do this. Call the police, and help them do their job.


  1. This lady is lucky she wasn't in Canada...she would have been charged with assault. That's if she didn't die of old age waiting for the cops.

  2. Apparently the woman watched too many of those crime shows in which women regularly beat up on men.

    Her effort in the video was laughable,she can't have been stupid enough to think hitting him on the shoulder would disable him,he's a pretty big guy.

    It seems to have turned out that the guy was using blanks.


  3. Suicide by security officer ..