Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vulnerable Liberal Leaders

Today's poll question; which of these 3 Liberal leaders do you think will suffer the largest defeat in their next general election? Will it by McGuinty, Iggy, or Charest? With Ignatieff now election-mongering and Ontario set for a fall vote, I'd like to figure out who is weaker Dalton or Iggy Flop. One thing that Iggy doesn't have is power. Which leader are Ontario Liberals more loyal to, McGuinty or Ignatieff? Gordon Campbell would have been nominated had he not recognized that it was time for him to go and resigned. We don't yet know who will replace him.

So which Liberal leader do you think is going to lose by the largest margin in the next election?


  1. As things are now, McGuinty won't lose. He has no credible opposition.

  2. Bring it on and you will find out who hasn't got credibility.Anyone from a hobo to a street junkie has more credibility than McGuinty.

  3. McGuinty will suffer a munity before the fall election. Voters are gradually being informed that McGuinty and Smitherman set out to deliberately spend (when we are running deficits, spending actually means borrowing) $87 billion on an energy program that will actually deliver less energy at higher cost. As voter anger sets in, then Liberal MPPs will start to be highly concerned about their re-election and they will find a new leader.

    They’ll probably end up with extremely ambitious Michael Bryant who has the appropriate Liberal ego.


  4. Here's the thing: McGuinty and Charest have more talent and more experience than Iggy, when it comes to electoral politics. And they both have the advantage of incumbency. In terms of opposition, the PQ are hamstrung by lack of enthusiasm for sovereignty. Conclusion: loser rank will be Ignatieff, followed from far behind by McGuinty, and finally Charest.

  5. "...voters are gradually being informed that McGuinty and Smitherman set out to deliberately spend".

    Informed? By who? As a PCO member, it's painful to hear my parents say that Andrea Horvath is a more visible and credible opposition leader than what we have. And they are also usually Conservative supporters.

    Partisan talking points don't even register with 90% of voters. So far Hudak has mounted no campaign worth mentioning. I got that ridiculous Backtrack Boogie. What a embarrassment. Childish and ridiculous.

    I have to agree with anon1, sadly.

  6. Iggy will lose because he is an a$$h@le. McGuinty will lose because he is a proven psychopath. Charest might win because Quebec is really that corrupt!

  7. I also have to agree with the first "anon", can't see a credible Opposition leader that can defeat McG., especially when he generously sends out an energy rebate later this Winter,as our own beloved Gordon Campbell did here in B.C.

    I know he hasn't announced one yet, but give 'im time.

    If he leads the Liberals into the next election,Iggy will probably bring in roughly the same number of seats as the LPC has now, some Ontarians brains are set permanently on "Liberal".


  8. Lynn: you think because McGuinty gives people back a couple hundred dollars from the extra two grand he is taking from each household that they will forgive him?? ha ha ho ahaa dkalslalala!!!