Friday, December 17, 2010

Ignatieff: Canadians Ready For An Election

Ladies and gentlemen, the leader of the Liberal Party now thinks that you are all ready for an election, so on the last day of the winter session Iggy Flop announced his intention to vote against the next budget. Granted this is not the first time that Iggy has announced his intention to defeat the government. It did not work out well for him the first time, so we shall see if "your time is up" 2.0 succeeds where he previously fell flat on his face. Maybe this time he called Jack Layton BEFORE he threatened the collapse of Parliament?

This now puts the pressure on the NDP and Bloc to either support the government or force an election. Since we are at least 2 months away from a budget, I think the Liberals just want to be the first to announce their intention of collapsing the government to force the other parties into a corner. The hardest part of playing chicken is knowing when to flinch. I know at this point that the Tories would welcome an opposition forced election.


  1. Like I've said before, I predict that Iggy will tell his MP's to NOT show up for the budget vote. That way he'll be able to say the Liberals voted against it.

  2. Bring it on Count.....

  3. I can't think of any Canadians,outside of politicians and their hangers-on,who want a Winter election.

    We hate having to brave the cold,ice,and darkness for the right to choose another minority government.

    The LPC should turn the dial on their search for a credible Leader to "URGENT" as Ignatieff has about as much "connection" to Canadian voters as "Peter Puck".

  4. Ignatieff has been better than Dion for comic relief.

    Ignatieff has reduced the media to cheerleaders and destroyed their credibility in an attempt to save his leadership and the Liberal brand.

    It's nearly Christmas and I am thankful the fruits and nuts dropping from the Liberal family tree.

    Have a Merry Christmas Ice and a Happy New Year.

  5. Iggy wake-up call: Canadians are in no mood for an election.

    But Iggy says they are. Canadians should listen to the Igster.

  6. So Iggiot is going to vote against a budget he and his party haven't even seen yet... What an irresponsible fool... I guess the media will now get fully behind the inserted leader of the "Liberals" and help spread the narrative that "Canadians want an election", even if they don't. Just because Iggo says so. Since when has the "Liberal" party or the media ever cared about what Canadians think.

  7. I think Iggy his being pushed from inside to get his one kick at the can so they can find a new leader.

  8. The Liberals do want him out and was it not he who criticized the NDP for not supporting an unseen budget? Idiot!