Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Scandal-plagued Quebec"

I remember Chantal Hebert lashing out at MacLeans editor Andrew Coyne on the CBC At Issue panel for his magazine calling Quebec the most corrupt province in Canada. Meanwhile the latest headline at the Globe and Mail is "Scandal-plagued Quebec adopts political code of ethics", as "Quebec corruption probe reaches from hard hats to high-rise offices". As it turns out, the MacLeans cover was not a personal slight at the people of Quebec, but rather exposing the corruption of their elected officials. Don't expect Chantal to apologize to Andrew as the scope of Quebec corruption is being exposed. Maybe the greatest insult was putting the beloved Bonhomme Carnival on the cover and dragging him into the story.


  1. “exposing the corruption of their elected officials”

    Those elitist progressive elected officials are Chantal’s pals and she doesn’t like it when they get exposed as being corrupt. Chantal is a must read not because she has a worthwhile strategy for success but because she has the inside dope on how these Librano$ think.


  2. Actually Ontario is the most corrupt province with the cronyism of its E-Health scandal and the outrageous green energy contracts which are the gift which will keep on shafting Ontario taxpayers. But MacLeans found it easier to single out Quebec instead of also covering Ontario.