Saturday, December 18, 2010

Justin Trudeau Coyote Ugly

It pains me to write this, but I applaud Justin Trudeau for sending out his family Christmas card wearing coyote fur. PETA is pissed off, but I hate to say that I appreciate what the Dauphin did in this instance. I don't know that I have ever liked anything that JT has said or done, but I like this. I would never vote for him to become Prime Minister, but I support him wearing the fur of the voracious coyote. Lest we forget, coyotes kill people, birds, and innocent rodents. If JT wants the best quality fur for Canadian Christmas, I would recommend mink.

I liked the Christmas card. That's all I have to say about that...


  1. I don't agree with Trudeau in any way, but I called and congratulated him on having the guts to do it as the wearing of fur is part of our culture.

  2. All Trudeau needs now is a big red nose and floppy shoes, and his transformation to media-clown will be complete.

  3. I would not be here had my pioneer ancestors worn and used the hides of wood. The pampered lefties would change their minds very fast if we turned off the electricity and took away all the oil and synthetic products - PETA is hypocritical. Much as I do not like this man's politics, the picture is lovely.

    The first NWMP almost froze to death until the first nations taught them what to wear in Southern Alberta in 1874: don't know whether this link will work

  4. This is all gimmick to keep himself in the news for fundraising from the sympathetic syncophants. The only thing missing is the oversized silver spoon.

  5. The "comfy fur" party personified!@

  6. It's almost the only time in my life I ever agreed with a Trudeau, but this picture is just fine with me. PETA kills almost all the animals they take into their shelters,Google it some time and find out what a bunch of vegan hypocrites they really are.

    Coyotes do a lot of good, keeping the rodent population down, and if they lose their fear of humans,will become a problem.

    My brother is a trapper,and I often accompany him on coyote hunting trips. The critters vanish the minute we see them, so we have to get sneaky.

    He usually gets a dozen or so every year,and in his area,they DO NOT stalk humans,they run like hell !


  7. I think the picture is great and PETA can shove it. They're quite the attractive family as well and need a fine fur.