Friday, June 11, 2010

Iggy's Summer Under The Bus Tour

As Liberal leader Mike Ignatieff boards the bus to depart on his summer BBQ circuit in a vain attempt to convince the Liberal rank and file that he's worthy of their confidence; one has to wonder whether he will be riding inside the bus or underneath it. Ever since those approval numbers came out, where half the people who liked him a year ago no longer have a favourable opinion, the blood is in the water and the sharks are circling. I'm sure that everywhere he goes the people will be talking about coalitions, mergers, and beyond; awkward for the leader with the coalition messiah looking over his shoulder.

Speaking of which, will Bob Rae also be hitting the BBQ circuit? Will he and the man he seeks to replace attend events together? What are Reid and Kinsella's summer schedules looking like? There has to be a limited number of Liberal events, so those seeking to rally support should theoretically have limited options for possible event attendance.

This gets me to a poll question I would like to launch on Saturday. What would you call Iggy's summer tour? I have some preliminary nominations. As always your feedback is encouraged.

Under The Bus Tour
3 Hour Tour
The Apology Tour
Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone Tour
Dude, Where's My Bus?


  1. "Under the bus tour..." ROFL !!

  2. The wheels on the bus go round and round

  3. Hell Freezes Over

    The Wheels on the bus go round 'n' round

  4. If these were 2 Conservative MPs,
    the Ethics Committee would be called to an emergency meeting, Kady would be banging that keyboard until her figers bled...

  5. The Alien vs Predator Tour

  6. Magicical Mystery Bus tour.

  7. In September it will be known as the little bus that couldn't tour.

  8. The Marathon of Hopelessness Tour!! LOVE those new poll numbers.