Thursday, December 30, 2010

What About Rob?

It appears that Candice Hoeppner is poised to win the CBC's political game changer of the year poll promoted by the Soloman Show. The good people at the CBC deliberately left Rob Ford off the nomination list, who was arguably the biggest game changer of them all. Congrats to Candice, but Rob Ford's absence diminishes the significance and accuracy of the poll. I would speculate that the Soloman Show doesn't nominate new mayors, yet the new mayor of Calgary made the list. It just goes to show you that the left wing kooks in the pinko Toronto media are afraid of the phenomenon of Toronto shifting right.


  1. I am not sure why you would have left out the election of Naheed Nenshi, a lefty and apparently moderate Muslim as mayor of Calgary, viewed by some as one of the most conservative cities in Canada.


  2. For the same reason he never mentioned the previous mayor Bronconnier...Replacing one liberal with another is hardly earth shattering news in Calgary. Before Bronco it was Doer...know the city before you comment son. :)

  3. Since when did the opinion of the public matter to the CBC? They define "Canadian values", not the great unwashed public.