Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another High Profile Tory Candidate

There are no shortage of high profile candidates joining the Conservative Party these days, as rumour has outgoing Montreal Alouettes President Larry Smith preparing to run. While the Liberals are running around trying to raise money to pay for 2006, the Tory books are balanced with sound fiscal management. The tea leaves are turning blue just as Iggy Flop has started election mongering for a budget defeat. If Iggy wants to fight a spring election, he needs his donor base to donate as much of their money as possible to that campaign. He can't want his small donor base to spend all their money on a hot tub time machine.


  1. Would that be the same Larry Smith that was just appointed to the Senate?

  2. Okay Bishop's University grads across Canada. Let's get behind Larry Smith!

    A great guy and a great representative for Montreal, Quebec and Canada.