Saturday, December 11, 2010

Suggestions For Poll Questions

I am looking for some ideas for poll questions to run on my site if you have any thoughts on some year end polls. Parliament will be adjourning for Christmas very soon, and I'm sure the opposition will select something to get sanctimonious about over the holiday season. Last year it was prorogue-gate, this year who knows. Nazi-gate? Perhaps some random student will start a Facebook group titled "Canadians Against WWII References", they can organize rallies across the country that the CBC can promote and tell everyone where and when to show up if they want to be on television. What Liberal "anger point" is the most likely to become this year's Christmas Facebook rage?

Also, what other year end poll questions would you like to have asked?

1 comment:

  1. Do you believe in Santa Clause?
    Is Christmas a Christian holiday,a shopping holiday, a time off school holiday or all of the above holiday?
    Who will play Santa at the Liberal party and will Santa be able to fit in the phone booth?