Monday, December 13, 2010

NDP Surge In Quebec

According to the latest Le Devoir poll, the NDP have pulled even with the Liberals in Quebec with a projected 21% of the popular vote, where the Tories are down 3% since 2008. How would this affect seat counts where an election held today? The NDP would add a Liberal seat and a Bloc seat, the Tories would remain unchanged. This is in all likelihood an outlier poll, as I don't expect the dippers to sustain that level of support in the long term. One thing is clear, a surge in NDP numbers in Quebec hurts the Liberals more than the Conservatives.


  1. That's what I was thinking. I think if we saw the regional breakouts it would show that NDP support is heavily concentrated on the island of Montreal.

    If the breakouts showed them challenging the Tories in the Quebec City region, I'd be more concerned.

  2. The N.D.P associations in Quebec are Potemkin villages - they don't have the people on the ground for election victory.

  3. If Larry Smith takes up CPC fight on West Montreal Island we should have a fun campaign.

    Can you imagine 2x CFL champions going door to door for their former Pres, former Commissioner?

    It appears the CPC are landing big names with Lord as well.

    Fortunately for the Liberals they don't have too worry about any stealing the spotlight from Justin or Micheal.....

  4. Lets not forget the Coalition they are helping each other in ridings that will not go near either or.
    Besides, Quebec/Montreal is a socialist state a perfect place where Socialist government are needed.

    Do the people of Quebec and Montreal know what the socialist coalition plan to do: Moratorium on all tankards coming from venezuela loaded with oil. How about the shut down to the ABESTOS.
    Do the Quebecers know, that the NDP and Coalition also plan to put a moratorium on all oil wells and tankards cutting jobs in the thousands- do they know this.

  5. No, they don't. Most of their media is socialist dominated. The only one that's conservative is Journal de Montreal and occasionally The Gazette when they want to throw the conservatives a bone or two.