Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jack Layton Growth Potential?

Well John Ivison at the National Post is now speculating that Jack Layton "looks to make his move". Okay, so the NDP has been trailing badly in the polls all year, suffered a devastating defeat in Winnipeg North, and suddenly Lucky Jack is read to make his move? Come John, is that the best you can come up with? I understand that political traffic diminishes the closer we get to Christmas, but this was the best you had to submit to your editor yesterday? There was one good poll in Quebec which would add 1 or 2 seats to the NDP if accurate, their vote elsewhere collapsed in the byelections.

Why should Jack be suddenly empowered? It ain't like Canadians are falling in love with his ideology.


  1. Agreed. In all honesty, Jack Layton is a wall flower, a nobody. He receives way more attention then he earns: heck, to be brutally honest, I wouldn't even include him in the next Federal debate, he's a bit player, and his bit is shrinking, not growing.

  2. With the Liberal imploder at the helm anything is possible.

    I am rooting for the Pirate Party or the return of the Rhino party for official opposition.

    I want the CPC to debate a repeal of the law of gravity from the opposition.

    It would be more entertaining than having them ask for tax funded abortions for Africa again.

  3. It's time for Jack Layton to call it a career anyway. He's usually considered more popular than Ignatieff and Harper, in most polls, and yet the NDP still cannot even manage to become the third party in the House. The NDP are most likely going to lose seats next election so his best bet is to go out before he is forced out.

    Is Danny Williams the only politican that knows how to call it a career correctly?

  4. If he knows he will lose seats will he be so stupid to defeat the PM.