Thursday, December 23, 2010

Liberalism Doesn't Work

The results from the latest American census have been released, and there is one inescapable conclusion, big government, big taxes, doesn't work. The most Liberal states like New York, California, and Michigan that tax and spend the most are losing business. Job providers are picking up and moving to more Conservative states with lower taxes rates. As business leaves, jobs leave. As jobs leave, people leave. It is the same in Canada, Ontario and Quebec are losing business and as such those governments can't afford their enormous budgets. Alberta is doing great because business thrives there.

If we do as the opposition coalition wants us to do and refuse to lower taxes, they are going to cost Canadians jobs. You do not create a sustainable economy by squeezing businesses and creating a government that is going to take care of everyone forever. You do it by making this a competitive place to do business.


  1. Texas is growing and California is shrinking because even liberals need real jobs once other peoples’ money has run out.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. That is the disconnect with socialists. They don't support global free trade and mobility of its citizens.

  3. It must be embarrassing to be a Chicago cop,and pull up to a gas station and have to pay cash because the station no longer accepts State credit cards.

    Financial crisis,what financial crisis? We just have to print more money!


  4. The upside is in the US, the loser states also lose Congressional representation.

    Our system isn't so flexible, Alberta and the West are not gaining seats and Quebec and the Maritimes are not losing seats to reflect demographic and economic changes