Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don Cherry, Canadian Icon

The supposedly controversial statements made recently by Canadian icon Don Cherry have upset many "left wing kooks" and the "pinko Toronto media". Campaigning openly for Conservative candidates significantly helped two highly improbable victories by Rob Ford and Julian Fantino in the greater Toronto area. Cherry is an entertainer who has made his career by making controversial and sometimes outlandish statements to get his point across. We might want our political class to conduct themselves with a certain level of decorum, but Cherry is not a politician. It is Don being Don, and that's why he is loved as much as he is.

If the pinko Toronto media think that it will help the left to attack Don Cherry, good luck with that. Honestly, Don Cherry might be the guy who can do the most damage to left wing kooks in Southern Ontario, especially the Liberal stronghold of Toronto. Don Cherry has a whole lot of fans, including many people who are not otherwise interested in politics. I would support Cherry if he ran for office, but I don't think that he should. He already has one of the best jobs in the world, and he is not a politician. Entertainers are in the business of entertaining, and Don Cherry is great at what he does.


  1. I love Don Cherry, but wouldn't support him in a run for public office. He's too old.

    He would be a disaster in Ottawa,where you have to play the political game. Cherry has become the character he plays on HNIC,and that would NOT go over well in Parliament.

    He's best where he is.

    Google Nigel Farage if you want to see a political iconoclast.


  2. Soo Don Cherry has upset the "Pinkos" has he? Tough noogies! says this old Canadian.
    The problems we have today stem almost 100% from the Liberal Kumbaya crowd. The farcical Charter of rights, bogus refugees getting 3 times as much funds from the government as people that have worked and paid taxes for 50 years.
    Now they have their panties in a twist cause some Conservative don't like the charter of wrongs.
    I suggest to them to put the Charter to a referendum, hell try a Poll.
    Would be hilarious, cause Lefty Liberal bed wetters simply can't handle the truth.
    Go Mr Cherry, you Rock!Cheers Bubba

  3. Cherry is a pompous prick stuck in times long past. Heard him live in a shopping centre telling off colour jokes over the P.A - stuff no normal person would tell in such a location.