Saturday, December 4, 2010

Charter Of Rights

Today's poll question; who do you think benefits more from Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, criminals or civilians? New Conservative MP Julian Fantino is under siege from the Liberals for suggesting that Pierre Trudeau's beloved Charter benefits criminals. I suppose that the Liberals didn't know Fantino's opinion on the Charter or gun registry when they recently courted him to run for the Liberal Party. His many years of experience as a police officer has led him to the opinion that this legislation helps keep criminals out of jail.


  1. The Liberals have decided Bill C 49 unfairly target the asylum shoppers and will not withstand the Charter.
    Many of us feel the boatloads of economic migrants paying in excess of $50k to jump the queue are in fact breaking the law.

    So clearly the Charter defense raised by the Liberals is being used to defend illegal migrants that would have stiffer penalties imposed in the United States or Australia.

    The Government of Canada needs to makes this a confidence matter. They need to adopt measures equivalent to Australia and the United States.

    Illegal migrants should not be allowed to SPONSOR family member for five years is not acceptable. It should be a permanent ban.

    If 70% of these asylum shopper return home within five years after getting citizenship how effective is our ability to police or audit the claims?

    Our system is broken by diverting in excess of $50k per asylum shopper and we can't get the evidence in the time allowed.

  2. I would love to see the charter torn up into little pieces and flushed down the toilet. Better yet, buried with Trudeau in his tomb.

  3. Fitter: "AMEN."

    E Mac.

  4. Julian Fantino simply told the truth. That is really, really hard for liberals to accept. Anyone who jumps the queue should be sent back and their Government billed. The Frigging Trudeau Charter is a lefty recipe for candied unicorn fart pastry.
    Watching little Justin staining his panties over the sacred charter was pretty bizzare.
    If there ever was an issue this is the one.
    Canadians feel used, and abused by these phony asylum seekers.
    No one seems to want to give up a number as to the cost of a "refugee" if an average of 3000 a month is true,that would be around 3 times what my wife and I get after a combined 90 years of paying taxes and contributing in the work force.
    Tell we that is fair.
    Cheers Bubba

  5. I wonder how many refugees who take the crooked road, become taxpaying members of society,and in what time frame?

    We read about many who continue on a career of crime,but I'm sure ,as the politicians say,"the VAST MAJORITY" become useful citizens.

    So,let's see the statistics,please.


  6. The flawed Trudeau Charter of Rights is silent on the rights of victims. It obviously struck a nerve when the grits were forced to trot out the "porch" MP from Montreal to defend it. The only thing more pathetic than the porch MP is listening to jr. desparately defending the family myth. Isn't nepotism wonderful.......