Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tories At 39%

Merry Christmas everyone! The latest poll has the Tories at 39% while the Liberals once again fail to resonate with voters. The fall session will soon be at an end with the Conservatives ahead with a comfortable lead. The Liberals will try to think of something to latch on to, like last year's prorogue-gate. Pinko bike riding media kooks need something to get angry about over the holiday season. That's the way she goes.


  1. the media kooks must be wondering what in the hell can we do to help our corrupt liberal party that sold their 'liberal' brand to the NDP and Bloc. We the media kooks have tried every trick in book to fool manipulate the canadian public but seem to get a backlash everytime.
    That's right media, you did this to yourselves and now the coalition socialist are making a complete jackass out of you fools.

    I hope that the conservative in the polls continue to climb.

    I hope that the PM and conservatives takes time out to enjoy their families during Christmas.

  2. With all the fuss last year at an extended holiday for MPs, trying to spin it that it was months, instead of days, could that be the reason so many "journalists" are suggesting the PM should do it again. Revamped cabinet, new throne speech, budget then an election.
    My bet is the PM wont fall for the spin.
    OT, but will someone in the OLO office complain that Putin didn't sing a russian or french song.
    Vladamir ‘Fats’ Putin Sings ‘Blueberry Hill’ at Moscow Concert
    Mary T

  3. The story re Putin is at

  4. Of course the only poll that got any coverage this week was the Ekos piece of garbage. Every other polling firm is showing the Tories with about a 10 point lead.

  5. I'm sure the media and their partners in the "Liberals", NDP and Separatist party's will be coordinating their efforts as usual, but there is a stench of desperation, coming from all of them. It's going to get ugly, or should I say uglier. The coordinated smears and manufactured "scandals" will be coming fast and furious, while continuing to shelter their inserted American leader. The Conservative have earned a majority despite the hostile media coverage, so you just know the media are in a state of desperation, frustration, and anger, and they are going to unleash a tsunami of negative fear and smear. I'll be looking for the media to continue selling the Separatist/Liberal coalition, while whipping up hysterical, hyperbolic attacks against the Government. Desperation and impotence has made these maggots in the media very angry, so look out.

  6. that is why I can't wait for sunnews then thingswill change. we need charles addler lowell Green, dave rutherford , Bill Good. and a few of the female comentators. Tasha Karridan, and that lady who's been attacked bye the humanrites committee. then we will see a difference.