Sunday, December 19, 2010

Election Timing

We are entering the 3rd year of this current minority Canadian legislature, and the federal Liberals are now talking election. In the fall of 2011 Ontario will be holding a provincial election, where polls indicate Dalton McGuinty is likely to lose. The federal Liberals need the help of the provincial foot soldiers to fight an election, the question is, who should go to the polls first? If the Tories form government in Ontario, that is going to produce momentum for the federal Conservatives.

Do the federal Liberals want to wait until 2012, the fourth year of the mandate? Iggy will probably be one and done, which means Bob Rae would be unlikely to get a chance at an election until 2014ish. Unless Bob's deal with Iggy is if the Tories win another minority, Iggy resigns and Bobby negotiates a power sharing agreement with the other parties and they vote down the throne speech and ask the Governor General to form government.

Personally I think the Liberals would prefer a spring federal election and that's why Iggy is trying to convince us that we are ready for one. In my quasi-professional opinion, I suspect the Liberals and NDP have already talked this out and I expect Layton to behave accordingly.


  1. I think Harper should bring in a bill to hold the election on the same day as the Ontario election to 'save money' he he he. What could Iggy do???? He would be flipping and flopping more than a bass on the docks at Port Stanley ;-)

  2. Rae,Duceppe and Layton running the country.God help us all.

  3. I rather doubt that Rae is going to be leader of the Liberals any time soon. He carries too much baggage, he's too old and he has too many Jewish connections to be acceptable in today's Liberal party. The best he can hope for is PM Harper giving him an ambassadorship to some warm climate where he can semi retire on the public dime.