Thursday, December 9, 2010

CBC Not Pretty In Pink?

When I awoke today to read that there was a protest against Don Cherry's "pinko Toronto media" and "left wing kooks" statements in the form of public figures wearing pink, I immediately turned to CBC Newsworld to see if any of them were wearing pink. I was seriously expecting either Carole MacNeil or Evan Soloman to be wearing pink, but alas they let me down. I only had time to watch about 30 minutes before I left for work, but I did not see any pink on CBC TV. I'm sure one of them for at least a moment had to have some pink somewhere on their outfit. Unless they don't want to admit that they are left wing kooks in the pinko Toronto media...

Don Cherry, the greatest threat to the Liberal Party in the Greater Toronto Area. Is it a coincidence that when he began campaigning for Conservatives in Toronto, Liberals started losing in Toronto?


  1. LOL!Amazing how one man can get the lefty kooks feathers all ruffled.Heres a guy whos an icon in Canada and this is how folks treat him eh?Just because of his political stance eh?Well its been noted.

    Go Don Cherry!

  2. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you left wing kooks!

  3. Nothing wrong with Don Cherry calling out those who feel he is one sided on our troops.

    Nothing wrong with endorsement of our PM in 2006.

    Nothing wrong with endorsement of Ford or Fantino.

    The left wing kooks have Sean Penn and Britney Spears they can turn to.

  4. Didn't Paul Martin have X- President Clinton come to Canada to show his support for Martin? I see NDP Caplin was on CTV Power Play wearing his Lefty Pinko button.What a good they don't have to BS us as to who all the Liberals on their talk shows really are. Hope it ends up as a must wear.
    BTW...CBC radio announced this morning that Canada won the Fossel Award in Cancoon.They still can't catch the Liberals...89 times.

  5. Proud to be a citizen of a country that wins Fossil Awards. I wish the PM would have them all displayed in Parliament. Perhaps build a cabinet that sits right behind all those cbc/ctv anchors doing their thing so they could not be missed by the few who watch them.
    Mary T