Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Story Of The Year?

What do you think was the top Canadian political story of 2010? Susan Delacourt thinks it was foreign abortion-gate, which she said on the Don Martin Show today had spilled into G20-gate and security council-gate. I would say probably the biggest story was all those crazy G20 protesters trashing the city of Toronto. I don't think the anti-globalization activists did a very good job of winning public support for their issue. The story that I most enjoyed in 2010 was the Liberal Express launching from the front steps of parliament breaking down a few minutes down the road, later to be towed to Harper Diesel for repairs. That was fun.


  1. A better story would be the thuggishness of the TO police force at the G20 de facto police state.

  2. Well after day 1 of the protests, even Warren Kinsella was complaining that they weren't thuggish enough.

  3. Vancouver 2010 - Canada owns the podium

  4. I am with West Coast Teddi
    Vancouver 2010 - Canada owns the Podium

  5. I do a small bile burp every time a new "scandal" has the "gate" suffix.
    Please, for God's sake stop it!

  6. The scandal is bound to be something a conservative would never think of because the purpose of whatever “gate” the MSM wants to propagandize for the Liberals is aimed to energize their eroding base.

    So if Delacourt thinks abortions are front and center in the minds of the Liberal base, which is eroding, then the number one issue is indeed abortions. While a conservative might be thinking about the number one issue in terms of right-sizing the balance between government union jobs and the private sector that has to pull them; that the Liberals would think in terms of abortions should be no surprise.

    That is the gap between left and right …abortions versus jobs or emotions versus reality.