Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tobacco Warnings: "I see dead people"

Today's poll question; do you think we should be putting pictures of dead people on packs of cigarettes? I am in favour of discouraging young people from smoking, but this seems to be a step too far. The most effective way to discourage people from smoking is to do what they have been doing jacking up taxes on tobacco. A lot of people have stopped smoking because they just can't afford it anymore. Then again, as you make it more expensive you make black market cigarettes more profitable. I don't mind big warning labels on cigarettes, but I draw the line at dead people. I don't want to see dead people like the kid in the Sixth Sense.

What's next? Are we going to mandate that cigarettes be renamed death sticks and that they be sold in tiny coffins?


  1. I would like to know if Pat Tarbox gets paid for his wife's photo being used, because he was all up in arms a few weeks ago against the gov't cause they were hesitating over using the photo.

    I agree, a photo is not going to stop anyone...raise the price!!!

  2. More Nanny State Bu11$#it.

    Rob C

  3. I don't think it will make a difference. My daughter is 16 and almost all the guys she is friends with smoke. There's already gross pictures on the pack and it doesn't seem to phase them at all. I've seen some of their packs and they block them out with marker (or make rude comments) or they place their smokes in a cigarette holder.

    Anybody who thinks this will stop a youth from smoking is crazy. I can tell you from first-hand experience - a teenager is always right, a parent is always wrong, and the more an adult is against something, the more a youth will do it.

    Funny how the same people who are all for this are also the ones outraged at abortion photos.


  4. William in Ajax said...
    What a monumental waste of money, $3.6 million and 3 years to tell people what we already know.
    Mandarins dreaming up make work projects to keep themselves employed, with fat cat pensions and perks, next they'll be off to (seminars) in exotic locales to trade "notes" with like minded parasites.
    The only tangible results will be a growing entrenched (useless) bureaucracy, sucking the lifeblood out of whats left of our rights and freedoms and liberty.

  5. Why would you continue to keep jacking up the price? The Natives are making a (sorry for the pun) a killing off of illegal smokes as it is. No one I know thinks twice about srewing over the tax man and buying "contrband.

  6. I am an otherwise law-abiding citizen, but where can I buy cheap ones in Vancouver? I want to to protest native scams (and closed eyes), personal harassment, gross labelling and high taxes

  7. Alberta Girl
    Why would you call for a price increase when it's already 95% tax?
    First they came for the Jews but I was not a jew...
    What habit or social faux pax do you have we can tax all in the name of the common good eh.

  8. I remember seeing Mrs Tarbush doing interviews during her final months. Re-broadcasting those on the relevant channels would do much more than just posting her photo on the cigarette packs. Anyone purchasing ciggies isn't looking at the packaging, for sure.


  9. you could cover the packages with slime and smokers would still buy them. i am not a smoker but it not my right to tell anyone they can't smoke.

  10. Dsaar...I called for a price increase because putting pictures on a pack of something you are addicted to is not going to stop th addict frm making the choice to use the product. Money will make some of them think twice.

    As for my vices...I am very thankful that I never started smoking because I do not have great willpower and have great admiration for those who do kick the habit!

    I stand by my comment!

  11. I smoke. I make no excuses for that. If the Government wants people to quit a legal product because it is unhealthy and cost the health system money then BAN IT or STFU!