Monday, December 20, 2010

Who Wants An Election?

Today's poll question; if it is likely that Dalton McGuinty will lose the Ontario general election in the fall of 2011, should the federal Liberals want to go to the polls before or after Ontario? If Dalton gets routed, that won't help the federal brand. Would it be better for the federal Liberanos to go before or after Dalton gets his ass kicked? It is entirely plausible that Iggy's recent election mongering is a signal that he and his federal friends want a federal election before the Ontario election.

What say you?


  1. Who wants an Election?

    Answer: CBC CTV, G/M, T/S The Coalition parties, Craig Oliver, Taber, Mansbridge, Fife, and so on and so on.

    From the time Stephen Harper became PM,since four and half years ago the media has been in an election mode.

    Just a reminder the so call 'deficit' the PM has to handle comes from the liberals NEGLECT.

    Hey look at the bright side- there is the socialist/communist/markist coalition parties; they will do a fabulous job first off Moratorium on all tankards, oil sands oil wells -you know, our daily bread and, among other things.

    What we see in europe 'chaos' etc, is exactly what the media and coalition want in canada.

  2. I imagine they want the Liberals in so they have some real serious scandals to write about

  3. Stephen Harper, et al, must have been using the same calculus. He has no intention of calling an election this year. If Liberal rich Ontario changes it's stripes the Cons will be on a roll for next year.

    Can you imagine the horrors for the Liberals if Rob Fords pop up all over the place?