Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Class conflict is the story of the year for Mr. Graves"

In the Globe and Mail's year in review, Liberal pollster and donor Frank Graves thinks that the biggest story of 2010 was class conflict, predominantly by the governing Tories. This of course is the same pollster who recently advised his friends at the Liberal Party to engage in a "culture war" against old white men in Alberta. Yet his big story of the year is accusing the Tories of class warfare.

“From the detainee issues to the red-hot ire over prorogation to concerns with G20 security and spending, right through to a surprisingly serious backlash over the elimination of the mandatory long-form census, all of these tempests seem to have settled back into the placid, some might say frozen, voter landscape we see today,” Mr. Graves says

Well done Frank. That's your BIG story of 2010. Delacourt's big story was the demanding of funding for African abortions, like that would have been a great use of funds that she believes cost us a seat on the UN security council. Personally I think the big story of 2010, other than owning the podium at the Olympics, was the left wing kooks torching police cars in Toronto.


  1. Mine would be what a bunch of frauds the Toronto Party of Media Numbskulls truly are.

    Same as last year and the year before that and......

  2. “the big story of 2010 …..was the left wing kooks torching police cars in Toronto”

    That is what Peter Mansbridge focused on, hour after hour, during the G20. Meanwhile the real story was the ideological divide between Obama and Merkel (whom PMSH calmly supported) over more government interventionist stimulus money borrowed from taxpayers to stimulate taxpayers. Merkel would have no more of that while Obama wanted to ramp it up. We got no coverage of that profound debate. Instead we got our taxpayer subsidized public broadcaster with Peter Mansbridge behaving like Herb Weinstein on Eyewitness news in Buffalo reporting the latest 3 alarm fire. The adolescence of the CBC never ceases to amaze.

    But for progressives it will be hard for them to decide which is the bigger threat to the average Canadian’s well being. For a Liberal the biggest priority is a toss up between the torching of the cop car or abortions in Africa. It is this inability of Liberals to prioritize that will steer Conservatives to a majority.


  3. am with Blame Crash - the over-educated, under-brained media spinners of Toronto, have held us in their breathless clutches for far too long - time for a defunding of the CBC, let CTV try to compete with newfound Sun media (slipping of ad revenue should do it), and let the Lieberal party of Toronto wither and die, as they so richly deserve

  4. The big story is not reported. The MSM has lost control of shaping public opinion. The West is moving to the right. Developing countries are moving to the right with more global trade.

    Liberal apologists are being tuned out. Governments have begun to shift right.

    The tired old MSM actors talking about Global Warming, social justice, compassion are losing power and credibility in Western democracies.

    Their rhetoric is falling on deaf ears. Young adults and kids are painting their faces blue still.

    The working class, adults with families are tired of feeding the collectivist culture. It is not working. Our income is being taken away in fees, levies and new costs from cities to provinces.

    We are at a tax wall and Liberals that don't get it keep offering new programs.

  5. The story of 2010 was the inadvertent admission that there ARE "classes" in our supposedly egalitarian society,the Political Class,and the Peasant Class.

    The PC's are doing a great job cementing their hold over us,and the common complaint that voters can't see any difference between Parties is indicative of this class distinction.

    Harper's recent appointments to the Senate are a very good indicator of the class elitism of the political set,as usual, ordinary Canadians were left out of the process in favour of the favoured.

    We need a revolution, not more elections.


  6. Further proof Winter Olympics dominated our minds and hearts.

    No TV event took greater advantage of the new BBM Canada Portable People Meter ratings than the broadcast of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games. The opening and closing ceremonies and the men's gold medal winning hockey finale smashed all ratings records in Canadian TV history in proportions far higher than anything ever charted on American television. In fact, if you took the highest rated American TV audience ever — the nearly 100 million who watched this year's Super Bowl — you'd have to double it to rival the proportionate Canadian Olympic success on television.

  7. My story of the year is the huge disconnect between the rhetoric coming from the Opposition Parties and their actions. Case in point, after all their doom and gloom, Harper sucks, he can't do anything right, the country is going down the tubes talk ... how many non-confidence motions did this clowns table (never mind this year, how about for the last five years ) ...

    Answer: Zero.

    The end result is that the Opps have zero credibility on just about everything they rant about. Yet our mediocre msm keeps reporting their lunatic ravings, without asking: hey, when are you going to DO something about this supposed sad state of affairs in Canada ? I.E. Vote Harper out.

    Calgary Junkie