Friday, December 24, 2010

CBC Keeps Publishing Scott Reid

I am eagerly anticipating the day that the CBC starts granting Access to Information requests on cost expenditures, because I would really like to know how much money they have paid to former Liberal communications director Scott Reid who once when writing about an attempted coup against the Prime Minister encouraged the Globe and Mail's readers to "kill him, kill him dead". Early in 2010 the CBC gave Scotty a regular segment on the Soloman Show, and have been publishing his articles ever since. How much have they paid him?

If I send in an ATI request, I am wasting $5. CBC's policy is that telling you how much they people compromises their artistic integrity. Not that Scotty has an integrity, but he is still protected by the same state broadcaster who wants your tax dollars but don't want to tell you how they spend it.

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  1. that Mr. Reid is oh-so-clever in his remarks, makes the resident trolls at the CBC happy, but also displays their absolute anti-conservative bias, given his history. Only the real threat of defunding this outragous tax sink-hole called the CBC, will have any effect on the entitled, sly, useless,wasteful, pompous blowhards that live there