Thursday, December 16, 2010

CBC To Be Investigated

Tuesday the Access to Information Committee voted strongly in favour of investigating the CBC in the new year for their repeated refusals to answer Access to Info requests about their cost expenditures. The Liberals abstained from voting, but even the Dippers was able to recognize right from wrong in this matter. I would like to hear Iggy's justification for trying to keep the CBC expenditures secret, because that one will be difficult to sell to voters who want to know how their billions of dollars are spent. The CBC maintains that telling us how much Mansbridge makes in a year would compromise his "artistic integrity".

I suppose the argument is that they should be free to pursue all stories regardless of expenses incurred, and that telling the public how much of their tax dollars Terry Milewski spends will only prevent him from doing his job in the future. The other argument is that the expenditure process is so horribly complicated that the CBC can't possibly be expected to produce specific answers to specific questions.

I just want to know how much they pay Kady O'Malley for what she does. Wikileaks anyone? Can I get a whistleblower?


  1. Or how much they have wasted trying to nail Mulroney/Schreiber. Let's see Harvey Cashore's expenses for the last decade.

  2. Anon, that is what I want to know also.

  3. The Libs abstained huh? Not surprised. They don't want to offend their best cheerleader.

  4. Every star in showbiz has had their earnings plastered all over the front pages of their media and their "artistic integrity" seems to have remained intact.

    Same with many of the News anchors in the U.S.,their contracts ,usually in the millions per year, are public knowledge,so it's difficult to understand how Mansbridges' AI is going to suffer. Dare I suggest he's overpaid?

    It's a taxpayer funded money losing black hole,which propagandizes more than it informs,and which rarely produces one of the programs which allegedly holds the fabric of the Nation together.

    I've watched CBC since 1962,and it's descended from being a very good News organization to a "progressive" propaganda machine and a comfortable employment situation for a clique of well connected Liberals.

    The average CBC'er earns 39% more than the average working Canadian,and the expenses of the executives and "stars" are undoubtedly something the corporation does NOT want made public for a very good reason.


  5. The CBC can't have it both ways. If they do not want to be accountable, do not accept public money. Simple.

  6. How much does Mansbridge make?

  7. BF,enough to be able to afford a trophy wife.