Monday, December 6, 2010

Iran Produces "Yellowcake" Uranium

Yesterday Iran announced that it now has the ability to produce "yellowcake" uranium which puts them closer to being able to manufacture nuclear weapons. Today's poll question; is it time for Israel to attack Iran's nuclear facilities? The downside is that an attack will very likely trigger a war between the two countries, however allowing Iran to develop these weapons could eventually lead to the destruction of Israel. When a country promises to wipe another "off the map", prudence demands that they be taken seriously, especially when they are seeking out the ability to do so.

One rumour coming out of the Wikileaks documents is that Saudi Arabia allegedly wants the United States to attack Iran. There are Muslim countries who do not want Iran to go nuclear.


  1. It is time for Saudi Arabia to take responsibility for their Muslim rogue brethran.

  2. We should only show if someone outside the regions shows up to help Iran.

    We can provide medical teams and aid.

    I am confident Israel can resolve the matter in a few less than six days again.