Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rex Murphy On Ignatieff

I need to salute Rex Murphy for a brilliant analysis of Ignatieff's year in Canadian politics. I strongly recommend reading. My favourite part:

"And, finally, Mr. Ignatieff just doesn’t seem to have the “tune” of Canadian politics yet. In one of his year-end musings he offered one of — to my mind — the most outre observations ever on his own sense of his relation to Canadian voters: He seemed to be saying that he shares some of the appeal of Toronto conservative maverick Rob Ford. If Mr. Ignatieff seriously thinks that people look at Rob Ford and Michael Ignatieff and count up the similarities, I fear he is in a fantasy too deep for rescue."


  1. Indeed cue Dr Phil, Mr Ignatieff has need of deep counseling, some Man-hugs. Perhaps even a pair of fuzzy bunny slippers, he is hooped.IMO

  2. Rex, the liberals are not liberals anymore; they are joined together with the NDP and THE BLOC in signed agreement as a Coalition party.

    So, what solutions do you have for a socialist communist marxist and liberals coalition parties.

    Jack and Duceppe control the liberal party.