Monday, November 2, 2009

France French

Sunday I played a round of golf and was paired with a very nice gentleman from France. When he made reference to himself as "French" I asked "France French or Quebec French"? Evidently he gets asked that question a lot. We continued with a very interesting conversation on the differences between France and Quebec, such as how the Quebecois have developed a distinct accent. He spoke of the Quebecois as though it were a younger sibling. When I asked him about his thoughts on Quebec Separation he had a fantastic answer; "it doesn't make any sense, Canada is one of the greatest countries in the world and they should be happy to be a part of it."

I wish that I had brought a tape recorder to record that opinion in the cool French accent that delivered it. As for my round of golf, I played one of my better rounds of the year. I could only get in 9 holes before the sun set, but I shot a 49 on a par 36. That would have projected to 98 on a full par 72. I have never scored under 100. My personal best is 110. The key to my Sunday round was my hybrid iron. I was all-hybrid-all-the-time until I got to the 150 yard marker. My driver, 3, 5, and 9 never left the bag. I continue to struggle out of tee box and rely on my ability to hit greens with my 8 iron and pitching wedge.

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  1. This gentleman's comments notwithstanding, he French government has been meddling in Quebec's affairs since their loss of the continent.

    It has yet to stop