Friday, November 20, 2009

American President

With Sarah Palin heading towards either a Presidential run or a talk show, I figured that I would ask the question of which American Conservative pundit would make the best President. I personally voted for Dennis Miller. I agree with him more than anyone else on the list, including who should be the President of the United States, Rudy Giuliani. That's the guy we want hunting Bin Laden to the Gates of Hell.

And yes, I am talking more about the United States because I am nearing my departure for my vacation in Salt Lake City. Sorry about the comment moderation. Some of the submissions have been vicious, and it is not fun to screen them.


  1. Note to readers, in the early stages of the release of my new webpolls, right after I got a referring link from Canadian Cynic, a vote was cast for Sarah Palin to hunt down Bin Laden, Glenn Beck for President, and Sarah Palin for President. Sadly the large majority of Conservative visitors can't be bothered with webpolls. But these Liberal guys like to vote a lot for whom they believe poisons the poll results. He voted for Palin to hunt Bin Laden over Obama. That has to tell you something about their intentions. As a pollster, I have to deal with this.

  2. For the record, only once did I ever visit Canadian Cynic's site. I saw that he was sending me hits so I looked him up, saw what he was, and tuned him out. I only know that he sends me hits now because Google is kind enough to tell me where my hits come from. The guy really has no talent as a writer and cannot conjure original material. His shtick is to piggy back on the work of others with nothing but unoriginal insults. But I appreciate the traffic, I welcome the challenge of converting as many of his followers to Conservatism as possible.

    Same with Raging Tory. I no longer visit that dipshit's webpage.

  3. So I read through my comments, and the overwhelming response was positive. Sorry, I deleted the personal attacks. I could refute them one by one, but I have other things to occupy my time.

  4. Again, Canadian Cynic hits are voting for Palin as the best person to hunt Bin Laden over their Messiah. I can't run an honest webpoll with each of these dipshits visiting my site 7 times a piece every hour. Evidently Dupmar has figured out a way to vote multiple times in my poll, because in a short period of time multiple Palin votes were recorded when he was my only visitor. The left seems to REALLY want Palin on a national ticket.