Friday, November 20, 2009

Ingraham Interviews Palin

I listened to the interview of Sarah Palin on the Laura Ingraham podcast today, and I think Sarah did a fantastic job. She had well prepared answers to the questions, she performed well in the delivery, and she signalled to me that she would make an excellent host of a television or radio program. She was after all a journalism student...while Rudy was on the front lines of the war against crime and in the process of accumulating his 4000 criminal convictions amid only 25 reversals. I respect her opinion, and I would encourage her to be involved in public life. I completely agree with her opposition to Obama Care.

Having said that, she is completely unqualified to be President of the United States and if her ambition is indeed the White House, that needs to be quashed. When Ingraham asked her about would she declare her support for a Republican candidate, she got a quick and snarky "No". I say 80% chance that after the 2010 midterm elections, Palin will declare her candidacy. I promise that I will be among the first to pontificate the folly of a Palin Presidency. Ingraham also did not discuss Palin quitting her job where she was accumulating the experience necessary to run for higher office. The day after Palin quit, Laura suggested on her show that Sarah fire her advisers. Laura did purposefully avoid the difficult questions, and I would not be the least bit surprised if the questions that were asked were screened by Palin handlers. But all in all, I enjoyed it, I thought Palin handled herself marvelously, and she should never be President. Ever....forever ever.


  1. You completely agree with Palin's position on Obama Care, and then label her overzealous fanclub, like the Raging " Don't Hassle The Hoff" kid Republican and his middle aged Dodoist mentor, delusional and crackpot, punch drunk crazy like Mike Tyson.

    This is better material than many comedy club routines or Just For Laughs festivals have on offer. Forget the Liblog political career option, here's a real career path for you. Priceless, gold, real gold, genuine Seinfeldian quality to your exchanges with the angry Republican from "Winterpeg, Maniblowba",
    listed as homebase by the raging whiny kid on the Blogging Tories discussion board where he urged and pleaded for your expulsion, claiming he could not coexist in the same club, blogroll, party or postal code as his nemesis the Iceman.

    "Don't hassle the Hoff". Is he referring to that pitiful character who eats cheeseburgers off the floor and stars in straight to video horror flicks involving giant snakes that gobble him up. And why the hell not. Here you have some presumptuous and arrogant 21 year old know it all, one week Communist, one week Liberal, one week teabagger Palinist Republican, the next week Israeli chickenhawk, changing affiliations more often than his underwear and lecturing other blogging tories as to how they lack his political experience, his expertise, his understanding of the nuances of the American political scene and the critical importance "for conservatives" of a Palin - Beck candidacy. May as well make it a Joe the Plumber/ Dog the Bounty Hunter candidacy, that would be more exciting and entertaining.

    The comic book villain Rampage is an arch nemesis of the Iceman. Out raging adolescent "The Hoff" should rename his blog The Rampaging Republican. Our delusional nutcase and whining Palinomaniac hasn't even grasped the fact this is Canada, that Republicans are not running for office in this country, that we are constitutional monarchists not wannabe American Republicans, that the Palin candidacy is irrelevant irrespective of country, and so forth.

    As for your comment that you "completely agree" with Palin on Obama Care. Even your deranged rival kid "Don't Hassle The Hoff" admits Palin claims Obama is planning to do away with the elderly and infirm with the so-called "death panels" health-care reform overhaul, whereas Beck is a college dropout nitwit nutcase, popular with the Walmart crowd, who claims Obama is both a Communist and a Nazi. In other words that type of demagoguery and nose biting teabaggery that has no realtionship to Conservative tradition in Canada.

  2. DISCLAIMER: the comment above was posted by a flagged enemy of mine, but I allowed it anyway because he took some great shots at the Hoff. I will allow my enemies to take shots at my enemies.

    Dupmar visits my site a lot. I have about 100 IP addresses tagged in my stat tracker.

  3. Note that at the time when Dupmar visited my site, a vote for Palin as the best candidate to bring justice to Bin Laden was registered, despite his obvious support of Obama. This Liberal voted for Palin to hunt Bin Laden over Obama because he wants to poison the poll. It is more important for him to poison the poll than to vote for his preferred Commander and Chief.

  4. Dupmar visited my site 23 times in the last 3 hours.